Franco Gathers More Interest

Steve Franco recently competed at the Penn State Elite 11 and Nike Camp. He's heard from a number of prominent programs, and looks forward to competing at some upcoming prospect camps.

As a junior in 2010, Steve Franco put up big numbers for Tyrone Area, where his dad John Franco is the head coach. In what he calls a run-first offense, Franco was able to accumulate 1,985 passing yards with 19 passing touchdowns, and another five scores on the ground.

He has done a pretty good job getting his name out there, and recently competed at the Penn State Nike Camp, and Elite 11 passing camp the day before.

"It was good, I like getting to see how I held up with a lot of the other elite quarterbacks from around the area," Franco said. "I thought I held my own pretty well at the Nike camp, and I thought I did real well at the Elite 11. It was a good experience, especially learning from really good coaches. It was cool to meet a lot of guys I might play against in the future."

Considering the fact that both camps lasted a few hours each day, Franco learned a lot that he will be able to take back to his team.

"A lot of the stuff we did at the camp were close to some of the things I do for my workouts," Franco said. "There were a lot really good, warm-ups. There were a lot of good foot quickness drills; new things that help train a lot of muscles, lot of good quickness drills. I like the ones that help make decisions quick; make them on the run."

From an interest standpoint, Franco has heard from a lot of schools in the MAC and the Big East.

"I'm going to Pitt's spring practice, I've been in real close contact with them," Franco said. "Camp, I'm definitely going (to Pitt). I'm definitely going to Akron's camp. Pitt, Syracuse, UConn; UConn and Pitt are coming to see me throw at the end of the month. Akron, Kent State, Temple; I heard from Maryland. I'm definitely going to a good amount of camps; definitely Pitt and Akron."

Franco was also down at Pitt's junior day, and has already developed a pretty good relationship with Pitt quarterbacks coach Todd Dodge. Gaining some more interest from the Panthers would be ideal.

"I love Pitt," Franco said. "I went down to junior day. I love Coach Dodge and their whole new coaching staff. I'm really hoping they give me a chance there. I love their new offense. It's a fast-pace offense. I feel like if those coaches get the right players, they could really shock the Big East and be strong there.

"Dodge was great. They want to develop a team that is a big family. They're also interested in stuff outside of football. I'm going to their camp, so hopefully it all works out."

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