Jones Looks Ahead To Camps

Somerville (NJ) Immaculata corner Shayne Jones has already been to Pitt for a junior day, and plans on coming back to Pitt for one of their prospect camps.

Shayne Jones says it's been a pretty busy spring at his high school. Though he hasn't been out to many spring practices, he hasn't had the need to based on the number of college coaches coming by his school to meet with his coaches.

"Honestly, three (coaches) a day," Jones adds. "This has been happening for two weeks, since May 1st, about two to three a day."

Georgia Tech is one of the newest schools to show interest in the 6-1, 190-pound corner.

"I literally just got off phone with Georgia Tech," Jones said. "They need five DBs in my class. They want to come down and visit at some point this summer for camps. They said they're looking to offer those that are there, so I am looking forward to working out for those coaches."

Jones said that Pitt assistant coach Paul Randolph stopped by his school, but came on a school holiday. Nevertheless, he is also planning to camp at Pitt.

"Yeah, they came by, I don't think they came by when I was in school," Jones said. "We had one day, since I'm at a Catholic school, we were off for the holidays. Coach Randolph came by and dropped off some camp brochures. I'm kind of upset missed him.

"I'm definitely going to their one-day camp. That will be my second camp. The first is Temple. That's where it starts, then it's Rutgers. I'll see (Randolph) in a few weeks."

Aside from Georgia Tech, Jones said there a number of new schools that are starting to show interest as well.

"Boston College, Connecticut, Central and Western Michigan, those are the ones I'm familiar with," Jones said. "Those are the biggest ones that are mostly interested. I didn't know Georgia Tech was going to be so interested, but they said they're taking five DBs. Northwestern is looking for a little help at DB also."

As a junior, Jones finished with 33 tackles, an interception and two forced fumbles. He also earned first-team all-conference and first-team all-county honors.

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