Colorado Sophomore Quarterback On The Move

Ryan Novak was one of a select group of sophomores at the Stanford Nike Camp this past weekend. Novak also took a tour of some schools through Texas and Oklahoma this spring.

Getting to a combine isn't something new for Colorado sophomore quarterback Ryan Novak. This past weekend, Novak traveled to Palo Alto, California, for three events on three consecutive days. He took part in the Nike Sparq Combine, Nike Training Camp and Elite 11 passing camp. It started off Friday where he was one of 93 quarterbacks in attendance at a well-stocked Elite 11.

"The Elite 11, going in there, there's a bunch of kids that did it last year and did it at different locations," Novak said. "They kind of re-connected with the coaches who had seen them before. The coaching there is outstanding, the coaching is good. You definitely get to do a lot more one-on-ones, more repetition, and more on working fundamentals."

Cal commit Zach Kline took home the overall MVP honors at the quarterback position at the Nike Training Camp the following day.

In addition to traveling west to California for the Nike camp, Novak went to Arizona for a combine back in December. For his spring break, he went south to Texas just to set foot on a few campuses.

"Me, my dad and my quarterback coach, we went to TCU, Texas A&M, SMU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State," Novak added. "We got to stay at Texas A&M the whole day, and we watched a practice at Oklahoma. I've been getting letters from a lot of places, recently USC for some camps. I got some mail from TCU as well."

Another school Novak has some early interest in was Pittsburgh. He had an interest in the Panthers when Dave Wannstedt's staff was there. As Pitt looks to go to a no-huddle offense, which is an even better fit for Novak's talents, he hopes to hear from the Panthers' new coaching staff. Like some of the other schools, he has received some camp brochures from Pitt in the mail.

"Yeah, they're definitely a school of interest; every school is a school of interest," Novak added. "They had a coaching change, but looking at their new offense, my dad even says that offense would suit me better. I'll see if I can get a chance to see their campus. Hopefully, we'll keep in touch, get them a highlight video and my transcript and we'll see if they show a lot of interest. I think I've gotten a few camp brochures, and sent them film, but that's about it for now."

As for those other schools, Novak commented on a couple of the things that stood out to him on his spring break trip.

"All the campuses are really, pretty nice football facilities," Novak added. "The facilities at Oklahoma State, you have (T. Boone Pickens) who owns a lot of oil and gives them a lot of money. That was awesome to see. The one that gave me the best vibe was Texas A&M. They really roll out the red carpet for you."

Up next for Novak is working some 7-on-7 camps and tournaments with his team. He also hopes to attend prospect camps at Texas A&M, TCU, Miami, USC, Colorado and Colorado State. In his sophomore year, Novak threw for 2,227 yards and 23 touchdown passes, and earned honorable mention all-section honors.

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