Kmetz Adds Another Offer

Pitt was the first school to offer Kmetz. While the Panthers continue to recruit the 6-5 defensive end, Kmetz recently added a second offer.

Colton Kmetz picked up an offer from Pitt earlier this spring, but was not able to make it in to Pittsburgh for one of their spring practices. He will, even though he has the offer, make it in for a prospect camp in June.

"I talked to their guy, their defensive line coach Paul Randolph, and he says my offer still stands," Kmetz said. "They'd like me to come up there, and are hoping to get to know me better."

One thing that has been consistent since Todd Graham's staff took over at Pitt, is the idea of building relationships, as Kmetz refers to. Members of the staff are taking advantage of their own individual connections—Mike Norvell and Todd Dodge with connections in states such as Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma—to continue to build relationships from previous schools they were at. For Paul Randolph, Maryland might not be a state he's too familiar with, but it's a state that Pitt has been familiar with in the past.

"I haven't set any (camp date) yet, I'm just waiting on all the coaches to come through my school," Kmetz said. "Once I see all their camp dates, then I can take a look at my calendar, and see which ones I can attend."

Recently, Kmetz' second offer came through, this time from the MAC.

"I got an offer from Kent State, that's the newest one," Kmetz said. "Other than that, more colleges are coming in. West Virginia came (Tuesday), Monmouth came for one of my teammates. Virginia has come twice, Old Dominion has come twice. Basically, all have said the same thing, and that's that they want me to come to camps."

As a junior, Kmetz finished with 57 tackles and 13 sacks. He also added two pass deflections, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. He was a first-team all-state honoree, and named Defensive Player of the Year by a couple of local media outlets. Kmetz is a good fit for Pitt as he played on the line, and as a standing defensive end/outside linebacker, similar to Pitt's Panther position.

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