Bogard Updates Recruitment

Devan Bogard was one of the top defensive backs at the Columbus Nike Camp, and is now deciding on what summer visits he might take.

Devan Bogard is used to a high level of competition at Cleveland's Glenville High School. The 6-1, 175-pound Bogard is being recruited as either a safety or corner, and was one of the toughest matchups for the receivers at this past weekend's Nike Camp in Columbus.

"Going there, it was great because I worked on my cover skills," Bogard said. "I'm getting better and better every day. I'm just never satisfied with what I do."

Bogard started off with offers from USC, Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin. He recently added a new set of offers.

"Michigan State, Syracuse, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Illinois, those are the new ones," Bogard said. "Then, I have the other four like Ohio State and USC. They want me as both (corner and safety). I'm basically a safety."

Bogard was at the Pitt junior day back in March with teammate V'Angelo Bentley, who also has a Pitt offer. He came away with a good first impression of Pitt.

"They got a great coaching staff, and they want me as a safety and corner," Bogard said.

The coaching staff and overall atmosphere of the Pitt campus also stand out.

"It's a good one," Bogard said of his meeting with the coaching staff. "We chat for a bit from time to time. There's a good connection. The atmosphere, it was great. It feels like a football atmosphere. I like Pittsburgh."

Bogard said he and his teammates will head to a bunch of different schools to tour campuses and get a look at the football facilities. Pitt is expected to be one of the stops.

"Whatever (the tour) brings, I'm there," Bogard said. "(A Pitt visit) will probably be in the summertime."

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