Williamson Up To Five Offers

Kyle Williamson's recruiting has taken a huge momentum swing, as the 6-5, 275-pound offensive lineman has picked up all five of his offers in just the last two weeks.

It took some time for Kyle Williamson to get that first offer. He picked up that first offer two weeks ago, and all of a sudden, he's got five offers, leaving him plenty to choose from. The feeling for Williamson went from just being glad about having the opportunity to go to school for free and play football, to now being able to sit back and relax, taking in his options.

"It was actually pretty cool, a couple hours ago I picked up another offer from Illinois," Williamson said. "I'm up to five (offers), and there's even a couple other schools talking about offering soon. It's become very exciting. I'm just kind of sitting back, taking it all in."

Youngstown State was the first school to offer. The FCS school was soon joined by Akron, Kent State, Pittsburgh this past Saturday, and now Illinois.

"That's exactly how I'm thinking," Williamson added. "I got my five, after I'm pretty much waiting for schools to come in. Finally, schools are paying attention to me. I was sitting around for awhile."

Pitt jumped into the mix Saturday with an offer, a school he has heard from for awhile. Pitt's need for offensive linemen, and the thought of playing for offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich are pluses for the Panthers. Williamson also talked about an upcoming visit to Pittsburgh to check things out.

"Pitt actually called me on Saturday, and I wasn't really expecting (the offer)," Williamson said. "I'm pretty excited. What they told me, is that it's a full ride. I'll probably get to campus next week; same thing for Illinois. Pitt pretty much told me I'll get to meet the offensive line coach. I'll have time to walk through the facilities I haven't been to any schools yet, so this is a big trip.

"I talked to coach Leftwich. I thought it was pretty good. We feel like I have a connection there. When they offered me, they said I'd be a great fit in their offense. They're looking to do great things there. I'm looking forward to getting there, hopefully this weekend."

Williamson said Pitt and Illinois are at the top of the list, in terms of upcoming visits.

"I'm going to try to get (to Illinois), I just don't know when," Williamson added. "I'm pretty excited about (offers from Pitt and Illinois). I'm trying to get everything checked out."

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