Lawler Embarks On Camp Visits

The idea for Scott County Senior (KY) quarterback Benjamin Lawler is to get as much exposure as possible in the month of June. He's taking his camp schedule as serious as anyone.

While the number of coaches that come into Scott County Senior (KY) increase by the day, the school year wrapped up on Wednesday for quarterback Benjamin Lawler. As the end of the school year got closer, Lawler took notice of a number of college coaches coming by his school to meet with his coaches. Among some of the new schools showing interest are Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio and Western Kentucky.

"I had a quarterback coach from Toledo; he came up last Friday," Lawler said. "Obviously, (Pitt quarterbacks) coach (Todd) Dodge couldn't make it. He was already on the road by the time he would have been able to make it. (Scott County Senior Head) Coach (Jim) McKee said Western Kentucky dropped by. Three or four other schools came by."

Lawler has already been to Pitt once, but because of the interest shown by Dodge, Lawler plans to make the Panthers one of his many camp stops. He understands the numbers game that he will have to deal with at any school, but likes the attention that Dodge has shown him in the recruiting process.

"He seems very interested; he asked to come up for their camps," Lawler said. "He said they're going to thoroughly evaluate the players they want to offer this year."

Even moreso than that, Lawler has gotten a pretty good idea of how Pitt plans to evaluate all quarterbacks, as Todd Graham's staff puts together its first full recruiting class.

"This year, they want to make sure that first quarterback is good," Lawler said. "The first quarterback they sign has to be a quality quarterback. I have to make sure I get up there in front of all their coaches. Instead of offering off of just film, they want to see that guy work out in front of them.

"All the coaches are telling me the same thing. Indiana, it's their first year (with a new staff), and they're telling me the same thing. They all have to thoroughly evaluate the quarterback. It's the first one the new staff brings in, which means it's a big position. It comes with a lot of pressure."

Whether it's Pitt, Indiana or another school, Lawler is putting a lot of time into this. He is set to participate at 14 camps in 20 days in June. He feels it's what needs to be done not only to maximize his exposure, but just with the law of averages, it's what he needs to do to get his offers.

"It's going to be crazy, but it's what I have to do to get myself out there," Lawler said. "These are all colleges that have asked me to come. I wouldn't bother if I didn't feel it was worth the time. I think one week, I'll take off on a Saturday, then camp Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. I'll be staying overnight at a hotel, then making one big road trip each day."

And if it comes down to it, Lawler even has a few schools at the top of his list.

"I like being able to meet the coaches, and see what kind of guy the quarterback coach is," Lawler added. "You're going to be spending the majority of your time with the quarterbacks coach, so you want to see how he interacts with players. That's my favorite part of going to these camps. Pitt and Indiana are so far my top. I'm not sure if I have a top three, but a top four would be Pitt, Indiana, Georgia and Toledo. I think that's where it stands right now."

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