Conwell Takes Closer Look At Pitt

Dakota Conwell spends Saturday watching Pitt coaching staff in person, hoping to get a better feel for the Panthers.

Upper St. Clair linebacker Dakota Conwell picked up a Pitt offer a couple of weeks ago. Conwell now holds offers from Pitt, Toledo and Temple. Even though he's already taken a few unofficial visits to Pitt, he felt it was important to take on Saturday during the first day of prospect camps.

The first goal in mind, was simply to get to know the coaches a little better. Saturday provided him with the opportunity to build upon his relationship with them, and also see them in action coaching the prospects in attendance at Saturday's camp.

"I got to meet with (linebackers) coach (Keith) Patterson, and I met with (defensive backs) coach (Tony) Gibson," Conwell said. "It was a really good visit. I wanted to build a relationship with these coaches. It was nice to see how they interact when they coach."

Conwell even expanded on what he likes about the Pitt coaching staff.

"I just really think they're down to earth," Conwell said. "They're easy to relate to. They're easy to talk to. A lot about how they're coaching is going to make me a better player."

Another nice thing about Saturday's visit, is the relief knowing that Pitt has verbally offered Conwell. Instead of just hoping for a chance to play football at the next level, Conwell knows he has that opportunity with offers from Pitt and a couple of other schools. Knowing he has that opportunity, he can turn his focus to other areas when he's on a visit like this.

"It's a lot easier," Conwell said. "They wanted me at Pitt. Now, it's just trying to know as much about the school as possible, and looking at what position I'm going to play. I definitely like Pitt a lot. They're way up there."

As for his future position, Conwell is the ideal size and has the speed required to play Pitt's Spur position on defense—which is a hybrid safety/linebacker. Conwell's focus for his high school team is playing at quarterback. However, he's tested out the linebacker position this offseason with his 7-on-7 team and at the Penn State Nike Camp, where he earned Linebacker MVP honors.

The linebacker position might be a little bit of a new thing for him, but he feels the Spur position combines all of his talents.

"I'm basically at that Spur position," Conwell added. "I think that's honestly the perfect position in football. You get to cover, play out in space, the box. My body size, my speed, it's the perfect position for me."

Though Pitt is pretty high on his list, Conwell will take his time and check out some other schools, before making a decision.

"There's a few schools that have been talking to my coach," Conwell said. "Within this next week, I'm supposed to be hearing more from them. I was just down at Toledo (on Sunday), and I'm going down to Temple too. There might be some other schools I'm visiting too."

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