Mahone At Pitt Camp

Saturday marked the fourth unofficial visit to Pittsburgh for Austintown Fitch (OH) running back William Mahone. This time, Mahone was looking to see Pitt's coaching staff in action interacting with prospective athletes.

Saturday was William Mahone's fourth unofficial visit to Pitt. This time around, the goal was to get a look at the new Pitt coaching staff in action with its first prospect camp. The idea was to get a better idea of how they interact in a practice-type setting, and to see how other high school prospects respond to their coaching.

"We were just hanging around, talking to the coaches a lot," Mahone said. "I just got to have one-on-ones with coach (Todd)Graham and coach (Calvin) Magee, and all the coaches really; just seeing what the camp is like and how they coach, just watching the drills."

Afterwards, his impression of Pitt only grew stronger.

"I actually had a good idea before, but it just increases now," Mahone said. "I had a great tour of the campus, my second actually. I'm just loving it right now."

Another thing he picked up, in meeting with the Pitt coaches this time around, is the comfort level he has with them.

"It feels good," Mahone added. "It lets me think more about it if I can see myself playing here, competing and stuff. It's just (getting) a feel for the coaches and the staff, and everything."

"For sure, I feel really good here. I feel like I knew everybody. I feel like I can go up to any coach and ask for anything that I needed, if I need some help with anything. We're all on a (first-name) basis where I could call if I needed help with a school or anything."

His impression of Pitt following Saturday was the same he had coming in. He's seen the facilities. He's seen the campus. He's been here for a spring practice, a junior day and the spring game. This time was a different type of atmosphere to observe how the program operates.

"I really don't need to see anything more," Mahone added. "I just need to get out to some other schools and see what they have to offer, but I'm good here. I'm sold on it."

Mahone would like to make a decision before his senior season. First, there are a few other schools he would like to get back to, and compare everything to what he saw at Pitt on Saturday. It's his way of being thorough in making a college decision.

"I just want to make some visits out to Northwestern, Notre Dame, Boston College and Michigan State again," Mahone said. "After that, I'll probably be close to making a decision. If not, then I'm going to take my official visits. We'll see."

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