Physical Lineman Enjoys Pitt Camp

After going to his first-ever prospect camp, Jacob Witucki plans to keep an eye on the Pitt Panthers.

Jacob Witucki went to his first prospect camp this past weekend, choosing Pitt's camp this past Saturday. The 6-5, 280-pound lineman picked up a lot of good feedback, and was one of the more physical linemen in attendance.

"It was very nice, well-run, a very successfully-run camp," Witucki said. "I learned a lot. Personally, I take everything on the fly throughout the day. I think they do a good job at everything. I learned to apply everything throughout the day. I enjoyed the whole camp."

He enjoyed the pace at which Pitt offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich went through things. He felt the way Leftwich went through things make it very easy to learn and improve in just one day.

"Spencer Leftwich, he nails it into our heads," Witucki said. "He doesn't give up. He gets everything and makes sure we don't forget it, and makes sure you get it."

As a junior at Natrona Heights (PA) Highlands, Witucki played offensive tackle, primarily on the left side. He's also a three-sport athlete for the Rams. He also plays basketball, baseball and has run track. This spring, he participated in the 100-meter run for track—a rare event for an offensive lineman. His best time in the 100 was a 13.26.

He only played offense as a junior, but will line up on both sides of the ball as a senior.

"I lined up at offensive tackle, and am always open to move (to guard)," Witucki said. "I played strictly offensive, and was second string at defensive end. They didn't need me (on defense) because our kids stayed healthy. I'm looking forward to defense next year."

With one camp under his belt, Witucki is also planning on camping at Cincinnati. He is hoping to get even more feedback from the Pitt coaching staff. He will probably get back for another unofficial visit in the fall, possibly for a game.

"I can't say I was a very big (Pitt) fan; I'm kind of a fan," Witucki said. "I liked the program. I liked their team growing up. (After the camp), I did thank them for everything, and was really happy for coming to their camp. I gave them my highlight tape."

With several key returning players, Witucki is looking forward to a successful senior season.

"With what we have coming back, I'm very confident in us next year," Witucki said. "The kids I grew up with, I trust them to death. Everybody has a strong work ethic. Everybody is going with everything. If somebody is slacking, we get someone on them. We can do good."

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