3 top PA QB's light it up at the Nike Camp

Anthony Morelli, Chad Henne, and Jordan Steffy lived up to their billings, as these three top blue chip quarterbacks impressed everyone that was on hand at the 2003 Penn State Nike Camp at State College.

The three outstanding quarterbacks put on an impressive display while being tested in a series of running, agility, and passing drills. All have an excellent combination of size, mobility, and arm strength; and all will have plenty of division one schools to choose from come next February's signing day.

The star of the day had to be Anthony Morelli of Penn Hills, PA I've never before heard a crowd gasp when watching a high school quarterback during passing drills until Sunday. Morelli threw the ball hard with a tight spiral and was very accurate all day long. His release is just unbelievable. He throws the ball with such velocity that it is really something to see. He isn't as filled-out and as muscular as Henne, but his mobility is just as good and his arm strength is superior. I had some questions about Morelli but they were answered Sunday after watching him perform in drill after drill. He is a fantastic talent and whoever ends up with his services will be getting an outstanding QB. If there is a better high school QB in the country, I would like to see him.

Chad Henne of West Lawn, PA was listed last year at 6-3/210 but he has to be every bit of 225 lbs. at this point. He is a very muscular kid and has an excellent arm. Morelli is listed at 6-4/215, which is a pretty big for his age, but Henne looked a little more imposing in stature. He moved very well in the agility drills and put great muscle on the ball also. He doesn't seem to have quite as strong of an arm as Morelli, but he should be a big-time QB at whatever college he decides on. Henne doesn't seem to throw the ball as consistently accurate or with as tight of a spiral as Morelli does, but he does have a very strong arm and moved every bit as well as Morelli did during the agility drills.

My big surprise of the quarterback group was 6-2/210 Jordan Steffy of Lancaster, PA. Steffy was the most impressive of the three QB's during agility drills. Going in, I looked at him as strictly an option type of QB, but he proved he has a live arm and that he can put the ball on the money. Although he has taken a backseat to Morelli and Henne as far as media hype, he can more than hold his own with those two. He doesn't have the incredible arm of Morelli and he isn't as big and strong as Henne, but when you consider size, mobility, arm strength, and accuracy, he rates very high in all four categories. I think his rating will skyrocket with the performance he had today.

It was a very impressive performance by these three (soon to be) high school seniors. Each performed well during 7 on 7 passing drills, showing that he could take a little off and throw a touch pass or lay on the mustard and fire it into tight coverage. Whatever college is able to sign one of these kids will really be getting a prize recruit.

Brian Gold

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