Shansky Camps At Pitt

Mike Shansky enjoyed his Pitt camp experience so much, that he'll return again this Saturday for another chance to work out in front of the Pitt coaches, in hopes of getting a Pitt offer.

Mike Shansky took home Linebacker MVP honors that Schuman's Underclassman Combine in April. Saturday was his first stop since that combine, as he camped at Pitt. Shansky was one of the top linebackers in attendance on Saturday.

"Pitt camp went good," Shansky said. "The competition was a little better than (Schuman's) Underclassman Combine. I thought I did well over all."

It might be tough to cram in a lot in the course of a day to try to learn, and take things back to your team. It didn't take long for Shansky to do that on Saturday.

"It was a lot of footwork type of stuff," Shansky said. "They showed me how to better position myself and make a quicker reaction for the plays I can make."

Shansky even got some good feedback from the coaches after the camp, which was a big reason for wanting to come back to Pitt this Saturday and give it another shot, in hopes of getting a Pitt offer.

"They'll look at my highlight tape, and the tape from the camp," Shansky said. "It was some positive feedback from coach (Tony) Gibson, who's the recruiting coordinator. I also talked to the coaches from Ohio and Eastern Michigan."

Shansky also has a few other camp visits set up.

"I might go to the Pitt one this weekend, and improve on my performance from last week," Shansky said. "I've also heard from Penn State, Kent State, Toledo and Akron. I might go to the Akron camp and the Syracuse camp later in June. Bowling Green and Youngstown State have also come in."

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