Maryland Corner Nets First Offer

Marchez Coates has recently camped at Miami (FL), Pittsburgh and North Carolina State. Each time he goes to a prospect camp, he seems to get a better vibe about an offer.

One of the top overall standouts at Pitt's prospect camp on Friday was Maurice J. McDonough (MD) corner Marchez Coates. Coates camped at Miami, and also went to Temple. After camping at Pitt on Friday, Coates received the best news he has received so far in his recruiting process.

"I went to Pitt Friday, and I did pretty good," Coates added. "I got an offer. I went to N.C. State (Sunday), and they're pretty close to offering too."

Coates came to Pitt's prospect camp last year, and had said back in May he was hoping to get a Pitt offer at this prospect camp. He had communicated with the previous coaching staff, and is being recruited by current assistant Tony Dews.

"We talk about a lot of stuff," Coates said of Dews. "He encourages me, gives me lectures. It's cool."

It wasn't too long after Friday's camp that he learned of his Pitt offer.

"I called them when I left, and that's when they offered me," Coates said. "That was my first school. That was the first camp I went to last year. I loved it then. I like Pitt. I like Pitt a lot."

During the one-on-ones, Coates came away with a leaping, one-handed interception that drew some praise from the Pitt coaches, including defensive backs coach Tony Gibson. When describing the play, Coates talks about his natural instincts for the corner position that helped him make that play.

"I had (the receiver), he did a little out, and he stopped," Coates said. "I stopped with him, then he kept going. I ran up, and I saw him out of my peripheral vision. I just ran up, and as I was timing the ball, I just jumped up, threw my arms up, and snagged the ball out of the air."

He also talked about how his personal training helps develop those natural instincts.

"I train a lot with catching the ball and the sort of angles you catch the ball," Coates said. "I train a lot on just catching the ball, advancing and your hand-eye coordination."

Coates would like to look around, and possibly get to some other camps. He is definitely excited about having a Pitt offer.

"I've been to Pitt last year, and I like the way they set everything up," Coates said. "I like how we get to see everything when we do everything. I like that, how they do the one-one-ones. It was a great camp.

"I was just praying, hoping. My plans came true. I'm not going to commit now. I know schools are going to offer. I just went to N.C. State, and they're about to offer. I'm going to wait it out, and maybe commit in the middle of the season or end of season. Right now, Pitt and N.C. State are my two top schools."

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