Coleman Close To Committing, But Holds Off

Jaylen Coleman added his ninth offer recently, and spent some time with the Pitt coaching staff during its 7-on-7 camp this past weekend.

Linebacker Jaylen Coleman recently moved to a new school. With his Peabody school closing at the end of this year, Coleman moved to nearby Monroeville, PA, where he will compete at linebacker for the Gateway Gators.

Luckily, he has a chance to participate in a few 7-on-7 camps with his new team, which will help him learn the system. Gateway hosted its own 7-on-7 last week, followed by the Pitt 7-on-7 camp this past weekend. Up next, a trip to Orlando, Florida with his Western PA Swag team.

"It was good, my first game with Gateway," Coleman said of the Pitt 7-on-7. "I just have to get in the atmosphere. Other than that I enjoy it. Right now, I'm just trying to get the plays down pat on defense. I've looked over my assignments, and everything's kosher. I didn't get the chance to touch the ball on offense."

That plan is in the works, as he is expected to play on both sides of the ball for the Gators.

Another part of the Pitt 7-on-7 passing camp was getting a chance to meet with the Pitt coaching staff at their practice facility. Though he's gotten to know the coaching staff pretty well, the mission of his meeting with them this week was a little different.

"They were trying to see if I was going to commit, but not yet," Coleman added. "I don't even know yet. I'm probably going to do it after the season; hopefully get some more offers."

Coleman, who also added an offer from Bowling Green recently, did say he wants to take some more time. While he might not be sure if he's ready to commit, one thing still is for sure.

"I told them, Pitt is number one," Coleman added. "Pitt is still number one."

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