Brady Makes His Rounds

Timothy Brady Jr. had an impressive Pitt camp this month working out with the quarterbacks. It also sounds like he left a good impression on the coaching staff.

Timothy Brady Jr. is having a successful camp tour this summer. One of the first camps he went to this summer was Pitt, a school he had some interest heading in, and a school he came away even more impressed with coming out of it.

Brady had a shoulder injury that prevented him from putting up big numbers in 2010, but he already showed his abilities as a starting quarterback in his freshman year. He threw 13 touchdown passes to just four interceptions as a freshman starter.

"I've experienced the Pitt camp, and it was a real good experience," Brady said. "They did a real good job running the drills. It was a real good chance to do drills with (quarterbacks) coach (Todd) dodge. He's a real good quarterback coach. In the 1-on-1 drills, (tight ends) coach (Tony) Dews had a real good look at me. He's really the main reason why I was going down there."

As far as other intangibles, the 6-1, 190-pound Brady says the farthest he's ever thrown the ball is 68 yards. During a practice, he chucked a ball 80 yards. He showed that kind of arm strength at the Pitt camp, but also came away with a 4.57 time in the 40. While the drills he went through helped him earn his mark, his speed and other intangibles only helped boost the impression the coaches had of him.

"It is real exciting, it's a real exciting experiment," Brady said. "The drills and stuff they put you through, it's not too hard, but they do a lot of drills I hadn't done before. With me being dual-threat quarterback, (Pitt) is a very good offense to be in. They were really impressed with my speed, but they said the arm strength was the main thing."

While he was at Pitt, he took time to look around. He was first impressed with how the camp was run, as he said. Afterwards, he got a look at the facilities.

"l was impressed with facilities, and the way they ran the camp," Brady said. "It's real impressive. Coach Dews said I made their recruiting board. He said there's four quarterbacks, including myself, that they're taking a look at for 2013. He said they're going to take a look at me throughout the season, and see how things go. They will definitely be recruiting me throughout the season."

Brady has also gotten some other good feedback from some other camps he's been at; mainly Temple and N.C. State.

"I have been to Temple, the first camp I attended this summer," Brady said. "N.C. State and Temple said they were really impressed. That was a great experience too. I'm in contact with (Temple assistant) coach Zach Smith. They're real close to offering. They told me I definitely have a home at Temple. (Head) coach (Steve) Addazio was definitely impressed with my arm strength and speed.

"I had a great experience at N.C. State. (Assistant) coach (Keith) Willis said my arm strength, he was wowed. I sat down with (head) coach (Tom) O'Brien for a couple minutes. He said they'll definitely be recruiting me very hard during the season. They're definitely looking to offer."

Maryland, Rutgers and Virginia are some of the other camps Brady will be at this month. In July, he will head to Delaware, Auburn, Vanderbilt, James Madison, Old Dominion and West Virginia. Those ones are for sure. There's also a possibility he'll camp at TCU and Texas A&M later this summer.

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