Nesbit Camps At Pitt

Joell Nesbit talks about his Pitt camp experience, as well as some of the other camps he plans on attending this summer.

Joell Nesbit has been to the Pitt camp before. This time around, he took his talents to both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. While running back is the position he loves, he's grown to learn that playing linebacker at the next level isn't such a bad thing either.

"When I first got there, I was going to do just running back," Nesbit said. "Then, the coaches told me to try linebacker for the second half of camp. I went and did it, and I actually like linebacker. I like running back better; those are what the majority of schools are talking to me for. At the end of camp, coaches were talking to me about linebacker too."

The Pitt coaches were among that group. Though the Panthers haven't offered, they have kept tabs on Nesbit throughout the whole recruiting process.

"I liked (linebacker coach Keith Patterson)," Nesbit added. "It was different. It was cool. All the drills were good. Overall, the camp went good. I talked to about six or seven coaches after the camp."

Back of offense, Nesbit's favorite part of the Pitt camp was just getting a chance to do 7-on-7—even though in some cases for the running backs, it's a lost cause.

"The quarterbacks can be real greedy, wanting to throw the ball at the defense all the time," Nesbit joked. "It was great, though, being able to work on routes. Overall, it was real good. I thought it was going to be like last year, where you shake your defender, and it was just straight one-on-ones the whole time."

Nesbit will camp at Temple this coming weekend. He also has plans to get up to Ivy League schools Columbia, Penn, Harvard and Yale. He's also working out with former West Virginia quarterback Rasheed Marshall in the offseason.

"I work out with him two times a week," Nesbit added. "I might go one day, and I might be hitting more weights. Sometimes I might be running the steps and doing drills. I like it."

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