Whittaker Updates Recruitment

Chaz Whittaker talks about the latest with Pitt, and how he's eager for his senior season to be here.

Pitt was the first school to offer Penn Hills safety Chaz Whittaker. Prior to getting the offer, Whittaker was more intent on going to school away from home.

"I like Pitt, but I don't want to go there because I want to get out of Pittsburgh because of a lot of distractions," Whittaker told Panther Digest back in April.

After a couple of unofficial visits, including one to the Pitt 7-on-7 last week, Whittaker has changed his tone.

"Actually, me and (Penn Hills receiver) Corey (Jones) took a visit there about two weeks after we got the offers," Whittaker said. "I had never seen the facilities, so I just came to see the facilities and talk to the coaches. I like it a lot, actually. I wasn't really into Pitt at first. I actually like it a lot now. It's cool."

Whittaker also went to a prospect camp at Maryland, another school he hopes to get an offer from.

"I went down to their camp. I'm supposed to call them next week to see what's happening," Whittaker said of Maryland. "No new offers, just the same with Pitt. Just waiting to see what's going to happen."

Whittaker also said he's planning to get to Cincinnati at some point this summer.

Though the 7-on-7 camps are beneficial for a safety like Whittaker, he's ready for the rest of his team to join up so he and his teammates can start getting ready for the 2011 season.

"It brings our team closer together, doing things like (7-on-7) and playing teams that are better than us," Whittaker said. "The only thing that doesn't help with us is that the quarterback doesn't have any pressure. In the real game, it's hard to see those crossing routes with the linemen. The linemen are big. It's easier to see the crossing routes in 7-on-7. Linebackers really have to be on their ‘A' game.

"Our goals are just to get better as a team. We also want to stay competitive and keep competing. If we keep doing that, we can't be beat."

Whittaker finished his junior season as a big factor on both sides of the ball. On offense, he had 800 receiving yards and six touchdowns. On defense, he averaged 12 tackles a game at safety, and also recorded an interception and three forced fumbles.

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