2013 RB Has Interest In Pitt

Roman Clay rushed for over 1,500 yards as a sophomore, behind the blocking of Northwestern commit Adam DePietro, as just a sophomore in 2010.

Roman Clay scheduled just two camps this summer, but the 2013 running back is starting to see his interest grow. As a sophomore for the Lancaster Catholic (PA) Crusaders, the 5-10.5, 200-pound Clay rushed for 1,544 yards on 171 carries (9.0 avg) with 21 touchdowns. He went to earn all-county honors.

Clay is a little bit new to the recruiting game, but his first step after his sophomore year was just sending out highlight videos to several schools. That led to some initial interest, and some early camp invites.

"I sent a lot of my tapes to schools," Clay added. "One guy sent me a wall post on Facebook, and said that a coach from Oregon got my tape, and that he liked it. I figured, ‘why not just send them out.'"

Then Clay picked up camp invites. He narrowed his camp choices to Pitt and Rutgers—two schools within driving distance, and two schools he has a natural interest in. He started off with the Pitt camp.

"It was more like a one-day camp," Clay said. "I figured it'd be lot of one-on-one attention, and just a chance to get more exposure. I liked the footwork drills. We really don't do drills like that at our high school, but I've kind of incorporated (Pitt's drills) into what we do."

After the camp, Clay picked up a good vibe from the Pitt coaching staff. He hopes to hear more from the Panthers when his junior year officially begins.

"I've had some interest in Pitt," Clay added. "The Pitt running back coach (Calvin Magee), he gave me a lot of feedback and a lot of drills."

After the Pitt camp, Clay traveled to Rutgers for their prospect camp.

"It was an overnight camp, and we had three practices," Clay said. "We went over running back drills, and did a ton of one-on-ones with the linebackers. There was a 7-on-7 in the evening. It was sort of the same thing as Pitt, but we didn't really get to talk with the coaches, afterwards, like we did at the Pitt camp."

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