New Jersey OL Camps At Pitt

Offensive tackle Andrew Zabrowski, out of Washington Township High School in New Jersey, gears up for his senior season.

Andrew Zabrowski's first official prospect camp was at Pittsburgh last month. The senior offensive tackle from New Jersey's Washington Township High School wasn't sure of which schools he would camp at, nor did he know what to expect. The Panthers were the first to send him a camp invite, so he decided to give it a shot.

"The only letter I got was from Pitt, and they were just saying they were looking at me and everything," Zabrowski said. "I think I learned a lot, the coaches are really good. They all seem to really know what they're doing. I think I'm a better football player after going to it. It was a good time. I enjoyed it."

A big offensive tackle, at 6-6, 280 pounds, Zabrowski was running through drills with the first group during his session. He tried to absorb as much as he could from offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich.

"He was really good to listen to," Zabrowski said. "He explained everything real good. He's just an overall good coach. That was probably the best part about it."

Zabrowski added that prior to getting a letter from Pitt, inviting him to their prospect camp, he didn't know much about the Panthers, even though the school is in a neighboring state.

"Before, all I knew of Pitt was from just watching college football, they were on (TV)," Zabrowski said. "When I was there, I got this feel, like I really liked it there. It was a new experience for me, and I really liked it."

He also liked the setup from a scheme standpoint; being that Pitt runs a similar system to what he plays at in high school.

"I switch back and forth between left guard and left tackle," Zabrowski said. "We run the spread a lot, and it's pass-oriented."

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