Video: Tino Sunseri

Tino Sunseri was one of 30 college quarterbacks invited to the Manning Passing Academy last week on the campus of Nicholls State University.

Curiosity struck Tino Sunseri in his communications class a couple of weeks ago. He saw an unfamiliar phone number pop up on his phone.

For some reason, his instincts told him to step outside of class and answer the call. It might not be the norm to step outside of class to take a phone call--especially with the emphasis that first-year head coach Todd Graham places on the importance of going to class--but Sunseri's quarterback instincts went to work, telling him it was important to answer that call.

It proved to the be right decision, as it was none other than Archie Manning calling Sunseri, to let him know he was being chosen for the annual Manning Passing Academy. This year's Academy was held from July 7-10 at Nicholls State University in Thibodeaux, Louisiana.

Sunseri was one of 30 college quarterbacks chosen to attend the event. Others quarterbacks such as Andrew Luck and Kellen Moore were invited. The only other Big East quarterback invited was Syracuse backup Charley Loeb.

There was no application process to get into this camp. It was strictly invite. With Sunseri's dad Sal coaching at Alabama, he has developed a friendship with former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy, who once attended the camp. McElroy once told him about the camp, but Sunseri never imagined he too would take part.

Sunseri got the call, and on Monday, took time to talk about his experience learning from the Mannings.

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