Matteo Updates Recruitment

Manchester (OH) lineman Tony Matteo is getting closer to a decision. He's got a pair of visits scheduled over the next week, with a decision to follow soon after that.

Tony Matteo is into the double digits in offers, but it might be getting close to winding things down in his recruitment. Matteo listed a pair of Big East schools that he is going to zero in on.

"I'm down to West Virginia and Pitt now," Matteo said. "I'm visiting West Virginia this Saturday, then going to Pitt. The week of August 8, I hope to make my decision."

For now, there's a lot in both programs that Matteo likes. For Pittsburgh, Matteo has been in pretty good contact with offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich. The idea at this point is just to get a closer look at the facilities.

"I've been talking to them, and I'm coming down for a visit on August 6," Matteo said. "I just want to meet coach Leftwich in person, see the facilities and enjoy my time there. I was up there to watch the spring game. I really like their offense, and I like coach Leftwich. I'm excited to just meet him in person."

Leftwich has two things that he's looking for in a lineman—he wants a big body, and someone who's just flat out mean. Matteo talked a little about how he meets that description.

"I'm 6-5, 285, and I have a lot of good weight," Matteo said. "I'm not overly fat or anything like that. I move pretty well, and I play with a mean streak. I play hard on every snap, just looking to hit the guy in front of me."

As for West Virginia, Matteo also likes the Mountaineers and looks forward to getting a closer look at them.

"I also like their ball," Matteo said. "Coach Holgorsen, I talk to him a lot. I'd have a real good opportunity to play early at center, which is where I really want to play. I probably wouldn't be able to play there right away at Pitt, which is fine. I should be able to make a great transition to guard. Coach Holgorsen, though, is going to turn everything around a lot."

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