Video: Todd Graham Media Day, Part Two

Pitt held its second of two Monday practices. Monday night was practice for the veterans. First, be sure to check out the second half of Todd Graham's Monday press conference.

Todd Graham mentioned on Monday that Ryan Turnley is in contention for a starting job at center. His part in getting the job will result in how well he plays. If he does, the move allows Chris Jacobson to stay at left guard.

The move may also be contingent on how well Cory King and Matt Rotheram do in camp. Regardless of the fact, while veterans like Lucas Nix, Jacobson and Jordan Gibbs have established themselves, it's clear that the next wave of linemen--players like Turnley, Rotheram and Rotheram--are being asked to step up now, instead of waiting for this senior class of linemen to graduate before worrying about the shape of the offensive line.

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