Pitt Asleep at the Wheel

The University of Pittsburgh's search for a athletic director is turning into an odyssey. <br><br> On Monday Pitt interim athletic director Marc Boehm resigned and joined former Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson at Nebraska.

The search for a new men's basketball coach at Pitt led one to scratch his head, this situation with the AD job is mind boggling.

Boehm had support within the athletic department and was approved by the eight-member search committee, but Chancellor Mark Nordenberg left him to twist in the wind.

To say that Pitt took advantage of Boehm is an understatement. With the carrot, the AD's job hanging in front of him - Boehm did all the heavy lifting. He directed the athletic department for some key decisions, including two major coaching searches. He introduced a football season ticket package that would reduce season ticket prices in an attempt to improve attendance.

Nordenberg expressed disappointment in Boehm's departure and lauded his performance as interim athletic director.

If he did so well in the audition why wasn't Boehm given the job?

Pitt's treatment of Boehm was shameful and Boehm has a right to feel used.

Pitt athletics has some big decisions on the horizon, not the least of which is the storm that is brewing between the ACC and the Big East conference. Pitt needs an AD in place to guide the program through the rough waters ahead.

Pitt is back to square one in its search for an AD. They made an odd choice giving the plum men's basketball job to Jamie Dixon, who had never had a head coaching job, but they turned their back on Mark Boehm who had a track record of five months on the job, a man who by all accounts passed his audition.

The search for a men's basketball coach made me wonder what was going on, this latest fiasco makes me wonder if Nordenberg is asleep at the wheel. It really is baffling and very disturbing. Nordenberg can't be like Nero and fiddle while Pitt burns.

By George Von Benko
Pitt Insiders

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