Quote Sheet: Ryan Turnley, Spencer Leftwich

Spencer Leftwich's work is far from done on the offensive line. However, in just one training camp, he had Juantez Hollins, Ryan Turnley, Cory King and Matt Rotheram all competing for starting spots.

Ryan Turnley

How is the center position working out so far?
"I feel like as the center, you have to know what everybody's doing. When everybody has a question, they can ask me. I can help everybody out, and it's my job to know what everybody's doing."

How much does it help having a senior on either side of you?
"That helps me out a lot, having (Chris Jacobson) Lucas Nix next to me. We've been here for four years together, so we're pretty comfortable with each other, and we've all played with each other before. It gives me good security knowing I have two great players next to me. It makes me feel (more) comfortable."

What have you improved with since moving to center?
"The biggest improvement has been that I've learned the offense pretty well. I don't have to think about the calls or anything like that. It should be second nature. I know what I'm doing, and I can really focus on the snap. I can really try and make sure that every snap is perfect."

It's gotten better?
"It's gotten a lot better. At the beginning of camp, I was firing it back there pretty hard. Now, I've slowed it down and got it to where the quarterbacks like it. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I still have to get better every day."

"It feels good, but at the same time, even though we haven't been starting, we've been here. Me and Lucas came in here together. (Jacobson) and Gibbs had been here for a year. Offensive line is just naturally a close group. We're all really good friends. It doesn't even feel like a transition, really. It's how things are supposed to move."

Have you played center before in your career?
"I never played center. This camp is the first time I've played center."

Are there any difficulties when trying it for the first time?
"Yeah, it's just nervewracking. You'll be in the middle of a block, and I'll realize it was a bad snap. Now, I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty comfortable on the snap when I'm blocking."

Do you have a good feel for where Tino Sunseri is at when you're snapping to him?
"It took at least the first week of camp. The first week of camp, there were balls on the ground. Now, it's hopefully to the point where I can eliminate that. It's been good."


Are you pleased with how training camp went?
"It's been tough for all of us, but for the kids sake, we've all turned it to have a good camp the last week."

Is Juantez Hollins your starter at left tackle?
"It's kind of a day-to-day deal. If we lined up today, he'd be the left tackle, Gibbs would be the right tackle. I think the best thing that has made us better—from our first scrimmage to (the second scrimmage) Saturday, is competition. Guys like Hollins coming on, Gaskins getting in there and fighting it out. I think that is the best thing that has helped us with us getting better from the first scrimmage to this last scrimmage. As long as they're not satisfied with being second team and competing and getting the first team. This week has made us better."

Is it more of a relief to have developed a second wave of linemen that are at least pushing for a chance to start?
"The best thing about it is competition. Competition brings out the best in everybody. Every kid wants to play. When you look back over your shoulder, and you have someone creeping up on you, that just brings out the best in you. Hollins really showed what he can do and really picked it up, and be another piece in the puzzle. Gaskins is doing really well. We're still going to fight this out for a couple more days. I've been very pleased with not only the five, but the six, the seven and the eighth guy. King is really coming on. Gaskins is in there playing. Hollins has really picked it up. I'm really pleased with those guys."

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