Kempka Hears From Schools

Justin Kempka is a 6-3, 220-pound linebacker prospect. Kempka also plays receiver, and tried defensive end in training camp. After hearing from some college coaches, he's taking a closer look at playing linebacker at the next level.

Justin Kempka has a number of talented players around him on his Greensburg Central Catholic team this year, including two-way lineman Tyler Alt and quarterback Bobby Noble. In two early-season scrimmages, Kempka—a 6-3, 220-pound standout—tried out receiver and defensive end. What did he get out of those first two scrimmages?

"Defensive end wasn't for me," Kempka said. "It wasn't for me, so I'm back at outside linebacker."

As a junior, Kempka caught 23 passes for over 500 yards and 7 touchdowns at receiver. On defense, at outside linebacker, he had two interceptions including one that was returned for a touchdown. He was intrigued by the challenge at defensive end, but has settled back in at linebacker. A number of the schools he camped at this summer, also like him at linebacker.

"I went to Toledo's camp, Ohio, Temple, and then Pitt; those were the four camps I went to by myself," Kempka said. "Our team, we went to Cincinnati. Cincinnati is real interested right now. One of our coaches, his brother is the offensive line coach. We stay in touch a lot."

Though none of the four have come through with an offer, Kempka adds that these schools are keeping an eye on him already.

"Ohio, I've talked to one of their coaches a lot," Kempka said. "Toledo and Ohio. Those are the main two. Ohio is recruiting me for tight end, the same thing with Toledo. Cincinnati is recruiting me for an h-back, slot-type. "Pitt, they're looking at me mostly for outside linebacker. After their camp, they told me coach they line me better at linebacker than on offense."

Kempka was at Pitt's season-opener with Buffalo, and plans to get back to Pitt for a couple more games this fall.

"I'm going to go to the Pitt-Notre Dame game, and maybe head up to Toledo and Ohio," Kempka said. "I really liked it (at Toledo). Maybe, I'll get to the Pitt-Cincinnati game too."

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