Q&A session with Craig Bokor's coach, Dave Vestal

Craig Bokor is Pitt's 7th verbal of the 2004 recruiting class. He is a fantastic two-way performer for the Hopewell Vikings and has the talent to play defensive end, defensive tackle, or guard for the Panthers. I had the opportunity to ask his coach, Dave Vestal, a few questions.

Q: What position was Dave most recruited for by the Panthers coaching staff?
Vestal: He was recruited to play defensive end. Charlie Partridge, Pitt's defensive coach, did a lot of his recruiting along with Bob Junko, who coaches the interior line.

Q: What are Craig's strengths on the football field?
Vestal: He runs very well. He has great feet and is very athletic for a guy his size. He is also a very physical kid.

Q: What schools did it come down to for Craig's decision?
Vestal: He always loved Pitt. Maybe Penn State could have gotten involved if they would have offered as early as Pitt did, but he always wanted to go to Pitt.

Q: Do you have a current bench press and squat for Craig?
Vestal: I really don't have anything recent. We train mostly for explosiveness, athletic movements, and range of motion.

Q: Craig is a very good basketball player also. Did he try to keep his weight down for basketball?
Vestal: I think that happens naturally when you play basketball, with all the running. I think you can expect him to play at about 275 lbs. this season.

Q: Does Craig plan on going to any summer camps?
Vestal: I don't think he will because we do a lot of work ourselves. He will be going down to Pitt some to get involved with what they are doing.

PittInsiders.com will keep you updated on Craig's 2003 season and wishes the best of luck to Craig, Coach Vestal, and the Hopewell Vikings.

Brian Gold

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