Cox Closer To Setting Visits

Demetrious Cox is getting closer to making the call on which official visits he will take this fall. We had a chance to catch up with him after he played a big part in Jeannette's 47-6 win over East Allegheny.

To hear Demetrious Cox describe his team's opening performance, it sounds like just another day at the office. When you listen to what he contributed to the win, it's easy to see why the four-star safety is pushing close to 20 offers. Cox threw for 109 yards and a touchdown pass. He also ran for two more touchdowns, and returned a fumble recovery for a score.

There's still another eight games in the regular season, and from the sounds of things, Cox is doing his best to keep things in perspective.

"We did all right," Cox said. "We started off real fast. We put up 21 points in about five minutes. We just try to come out and play physical. We just have to get in better shape. We start to get tired and wear down late in the quarters. That will come later in the season."

Cox plays quarterback for Jeannette on offense and safety on defense. There are calls for him in the offense to play running back at times, but his team didn't run anything like that on Friday night.

"We run a spread, or we run a Wing T a little bit," Cox said. "Sometimes we just run a little bit of a Cam Newton type of offense where I'll catch the ball and have the running backs on my side, and we just work on everything from there."

When it comes to recruiting, Cox said he's heading towards a date where he'll pick his official visits. As of right now, he's not sure when that will be. He does feel that he's closing in on that.

"I wouldn't say far away, but I do need to sit down and think about what schools I'm going to see," Cox said. "I have to get on that soon."

As for a few of the recent conversations he's had, he mentioned Ohio State, Penn State and Pitt as a few of the schools he's heard from.

"I talked to Coach Fickel at Ohio State; I talked to him (Sunday) morning about getting up to a game," Cox said. "I talked to Pitt early on Sunday morning. I talked to Penn State last week.

"I didn't get to watch Pitt or Penn State, but I watched Ohio State win. They seem like they were pumped up, especially with all the distractions. I was surprised at how well they played. Penn State, I saw their highlights. They look real good too. They have some people that want to play up there. I didn't get to see Pitt, or anything, but from what I heard, Coach Graham did his thing."

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