Sophomore Quarterback Opens With A Win

Chandler Kincade claims a verbal offer from Pitt. Friday night, his Blackhawk team opened with an impressive victory.

Chandler Kincade took over the starting quarterback job at Blackhawk, where finished with over 800 yards passing and seven touchdowns as just a freshman last year. He started off his sophomore season with a 35-0 win over Hampton on Friday night. While most sophomores are either transitioning to the JV team, or looking for a way to just get playing time on the varsity level, Kincade has trasitioned into a comfort level as a returning starter.

"Well, I'm a sophomore," Kincade said with a laugh. "My coach (Joe Hamilton), he keeps me in line. I really appreciate everything. My family, and my grandfather, they all keep it realistic for me. I know that there's still a lot of time left in high school. It's going to be a lot of work and everything. Nothing is set yet."

Kincade completed 3-of-6 passes for 44 yards in his team's win. The win over Hampton is just one of two non-conference games for Blackhawk. Conference foes include Hopewell (Rushel Shell), Central Valley (Robert Foster), New Castle (John Matarazzo) and Montour (Julian Durden). Already, Kincade knows he can't take a week off.

"There's really no week off," Kincade added. "It does make you better, though, because you have to work hard in practice every week. Every game we're playing there's great players and great teams.

"Our first conference game is this week. I think (the win over Hampton) was a great way to get us started. We came out strong, and just played with a lot of confidence. We really just had a great running game and the line played very well too."

Kincade came down for one of the first Pitt practices of training camp, where the Panthers verbally offered him.

"I was there for the start of their football season, their training camp," Kincade said. "I went there and Coach Graham just (verbally) offered me right there. It was really cool. I'm very grateful for it. It's something I'll always remember."

He still has a long time to look ahead to college, and more schools are sure to jump in the mix. The Pitt coaches also made him realize that.

"They said it to me, ‘We want you to look at schools; you're a young guy,'" Kincade said. "They told me they just want me to know that offer is there. They are very interested in me, and I'm very grateful that they did that for me, so they're not looking for a commitment from me at such a young age."

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