Kiski Area HS becoming a pipeline for Pitt

Last year, Pitt landed top recruit Chris McKillop, and this year they have verbals from standout defensive performers Adam Gunn and Scott McKillop. I talked with Kiski coach David Grimm today to get updates on all three athletes.

Q: What were the deciding factors in Scott giving a verbal to the Panthers?
Grimm: I think he liked the Pitt coaches better. He had a better relationship with them. His brother being there also played into it. Plus, I think he felt he was just as good as some other linebackers that have been getting a lot of press, and looks forward to proving himself.

Q: Is his verbal solid?
Grimm: Yes. He said once he makes his decision that he wants to be done with it and doesn't want to be bothered with it anymore. He wants to move forward. We even had Tennessee call up last week and they wanted to come up and take a look at him.

Q: How many years has Scott started for you?
Grimm: Scott started 6 games on defense as a sophomore. He also started at linebacker as a junior and was also our leading rusher.

Q: What are Scott's strengths on the football field?
Grimm: Instincts, quickness to the ball, and he fills the alleys exceptionally well. He has a great nose for the football and can cover sideline to sideline. He has a non-stop motor and does not take a single play off. He ran a 4.7 forty at the Nike Camp, but he has run much faster times than that already. He has speed and quickness to the ball and that what really separates him. He was also our MVP as a junior and I can't remember the last time a junior won team MVP for us.

Q: Do you have a bench press and squat on Scott?
Grimm: I'm not sure how current it is, because he is a three sport guy (track and wrestling) and he doesn't get to spend that much time on his lifting, but he squats around 365 and benches around 275. He was 41-1 as a wrestler last year.

Q: Tell us about Adam Gunn, another Pitt verbal.
Grimm: Adam is a hard hitter. He was first noticed by Pitt coach Paul Rhoads at the Pitt 7 on 7 clinic last June. He really stuck out as someone who would come up and hit you, and Pitt was on him heavy since then. Coach Rhoads was his main reason for selecting Pitt.

Q: How big is he now and what is his 40 time?
Grimm: He is 6-3 and over 200 pounds now. He has gotten a little bigger. He also ran a 4.5 forty at the Pitt Camp last year.

Q: How many years did Gunn start?
Grimm: He started by the 5th game his sophomore year at safety on defense. He started at quarterback and safety as a junior.

Q: Chris McKillop suffered a bad injury last year that cut his senior season short, how has his rehab gone?
Grimm: He suffered a broken bone and a dislocation. His rehab went ahead of schedule. He has thrown the shotput over 52 inches and the javelin 180 this year, so it hasn't held him back any. He will play in the Big 33 game this year and we should be able to tell if he is back to one hundred percent or not.

Q: Chris' highlight film was very impressive last season. When he hit kids, he drove them back and they didn't get another inch after that initial contact. Describe his playing style.
Grimm: Chris has an animal instinct. He is really a hard hitter. He can really move also. He returned an interception 65 yards last year and the referee told me he had never seen a kid that big move that fast. He was really on the way to a monster season before he got hurt.

Q: Do you think he will play linebacker or defensive end at Pitt?
Grimm: There has been a lot of talk about that. Pitt wants to look at him at linebacker first. If they have a big need at end, or if he grows into that position, he may be moved there. He doesn't have a problem playing either position. He played at about 6-4/238 for us last year. wishes the best of luck to Head Coach David Grimm and the Kiski Area High School Cavaliers in the upcoming season.

Brian Gold

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