Pitts Remains Committed To Panthers

Pitt has had a good track record retaining commits after a year at Milford, with players such as LeSean McCoy signing in 2007, Todd Thomas in 2010 and Khaynin Mosley-Smith in 2011. Because of those good examples set before him, Jevonte Pitts looks forward to keeping that commitment as well.

Jevonte Pitts has helped Milford Academy to a 5-0 start, including a 44-0 win over Robert Morris' JV team. Pitts has three pass breakups and two tackles for losses this season, playing at safety. In most games, Pitts is usually done by halftime with the lead in good hands.

Of his Milford experience, he realizes it's not the ultimate goal in getting to the next level, but he can already tell how his Milford experience has helped him prepare for Pitt.

"It's nothing to like, nothing to look forward to, but it is to prepare you," Pitts added. "It's preparing you for whatever you're going to do next. It has to be the best prep school in the country. I'm still committed to Pitt, nowhere else. I talk to them every so often. It's still the same stuff."

Pitts also said that his next step to getting to Pitt in January is that he needs to just keep his grades up, and raise his SAT score a couple points.

He's watched fellow classmate Ejuan Price play in three Pitt games this year, with two starts, where he is tied for the team-lead with several others, with two sacks. Khaynin Mosley-Smith—after a year at Milford—has also gotten some reps in his first full year at Pitt. Milford might not be a Division I program, but it has a strong track record of getting players to the next level. Even with that, Pitts feels the Woodland Hills program helped get him prepared—similar for what we've seen with Price and Mosley-Smith seeing the field this year.

"At Woodland Hills, we do everything (at Milford) that we did there," Pitts said. "My defensive coach (at Woodland Hills), taught me everything. He taught me how to break down film and stuff like that. I was pretty prepared. I knew everything already, but it's not like there's nothing that can't be learned. I've learned a lot since I've been up here."

Though Milford head coach Bill Chaplick labeled this next game against Army Prep as an important one, in terms of a lot of players having a great opportunity to earn a scholarship, Pitts already has that scholarship. He's more focused on just winning the game.

"We look forward to it a lot because they lost to them last year in a close game with 12 seconds left, and we just want the revenge," Pitts said. "Everybody on the team wants scholarships, and we know there's going to be a lot of scouts up there and stuff like that. Everybody is going to work their hardest in practice this week."

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