Bisnowaty Closer To Decision

Adam Bisnowaty has been to two Pitt games this month, and the Florida-Tennessee game last week. He hopes to be closer to a decision, but not without taking a close look at both schools.

Adam Bisnowaty is taking a close look at his two finalists; Pittsburgh and Florida. Saturday, Bisnowaty was at the Pitt-Notre Dame game. Despite the Panthers' loss, it didn't deter him from enjoying his official visit.

"They're pretty fun to watch," Bisnowaty said of the Panthers. "I've been to some good games (this month). It was unfortunate for (Pitt) to lose, but they'll fix things up. Hopefully, they'll fix things up by Thursday.

"I'm trying to decide this week. I'm just going to sit down and write everything out."

The week before, Bisnowaty went to Florida for the Gators' game with Tennessee.

"My host was Trip (Thurman), he's a freshman lineman," Bisnowaty said. "He's from Delaware, which is similar to me coming from Pennsylvania. I had a good time down there. We went to a couple of nice restaurants, went to the game. I had a good time."

Former North Allegheny lineman Tom Ricketts was Bisnowaty's host this past weekend. He had a chance to meet some of the other Pitt commits—some he's already known from playing against them; others he had a chance to meet for the first time.

"My host was Tom Ricketts, but I hung out with Chad Voytik—we all hung out, really," Bisnowaty said. "After the game, we went up to Monterey Bay. After that, we just hung out on campus. I really liked it. After the hotel on Sunday, we went to breakfast, then checked out the facilities."

Pitt has given their practice facility a new look with mural-like paintings throughout the building, and several flat screen TVs that replay highlight videos from the different eras.

"It was pretty neat, walking around the entire building," Bisnowaty said. "It tells the whole story; where they are now. It was interesting. It showed each position, who has stood out through the years."

Aside from Ricketts his host, and Voytik, he also met some of the other prospects who were in on Saturday.

"It was good to meet Ricketts—he was good friends with (Fox Chapel teammate) Miles (Dieffenbach) at Penn State," Bisnowaty said. "I met the (Davis) twin brothers from Ohio. I met Rushel Shell; I talked to him a little bit to see what they thought. I talked to the center (Brandyn Cook) that committed. There were a lot of people there."

After it all, Bisnowaty knows what he needs to figure out.

"It's really, do I want to stay close to home or go away, that's what I'm down to," Bisnowaty said. "I'm going to figure it out, and let it play out. We'll see if it's going to be this week, or whenever I get time to think it through."

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