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Todd Graham clarified on Tuesday that he is ultimately responsible for how his team plays. He did not want some of his comments at his Monday press conference to be perceived that he puts the blame on some of his players for recent woes.

On Tuesday, Todd Graham clarified that it is he and his coaching staff ultimately responsible for his team's shortcomings on Tuesday. At his Monday press conference, he made reference to a few items where it sounded like he was being too critical of the players.

"The deal is, offensively, we're just making too many mistakes," Graham said Monday. "We're just not executing the offense at all. We had guys not running the right routes. We had more mental mistakes in (the Notre Dame) game than we had before.

"When I came in here, I thought maybe we were doing too much stuff. We really simplified our plan."

He then criticized the receivers for not executing their game plan—specifically Cameron Saddler and Devin Street.

"I think Cam has had some games where he's blocked well; he's done some good things, we just haven't executed very well," Graham said Monday. "(Devin) Street has played at times, and been inconsistent at times. We just haven't been able to get the ball out on time to execute very well what we're trying to do. At times, we have. Nothing close to what we should be doing. We haven't been very productive at our two-man (Saddler) position.

"Somebody asked (Monday), ‘What's wrong with the offense?' We're not running it. That's what's wrong with it. We're attempting to run the offense. We're not executing the ball, the way we need to."

On Tuesday, he went back on those words, and put the blame square on his own shoulders. Here is his complete dialog from Tuesday:

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