Capers Taking His Time

Wayne Capers has switched to receiver full time for Chartiers Valley, helping the Colts to a 3-1 start. He was recently at the Pitt-Notre Dame game, and talks about some future visits.

Wayne Capers has done a little of everything, helping his team to a 3-1 start this season.

He threw for a 66-yard touchdown pass and ran for a 25-yard touchdown in a 24-17 win over Bethel Park last week. The week before, in a 43-0 win over Elizabeth-Forward, he threw for 133 yards and two touchdown passes. In a 37-14 win over Trinity in Week Two, Capers returned a punt 79 yards for a touchdown, threw for a 25-yard touchdown pass and ran for a 32-yard touchdown pass. He's been doing a little bit of everything, helping the Colts to a three-game winning streak.

When the written offers came out at the beginning of the month, Capers found himself with written offers from Pittsburgh, Penn State and West Virginia.

"It really hasn't changed much," Capers says of his recruitment. "Nothing has really changed. I'm still going on with the same people I've been talking to."

Pitt is recruiting him as a strong safety/outside linebacker. He was at the Pitt-Notre Dame game on Saturday, but only for the first part of it.

"I still go to their games, I have my scholarship offer," Capers said of Pitt. "After they give you your scholarship, they really don't recruit you as hard. It's really your choice, now. I went to the Notre Dame game, but I had to leave early because I had Homecoming. I didn't really see much. I was there for an hour or so."

Pitt commit Dakota Conwell said on the day he committed, that Capers was a player he hoped would join him at Pitt.

"I'd like to see Wayne Capers to come here," Conwell said in July. "He likes Pitt a lot. I'll talk to him and get him to come here."

Capers said the two have been close friends growing up, but acknowledges that he has to make his own decision.

"I've known him since we were little," Capers said. "We're basically family. I would love to go down there with him, but I have to make what choice is best for me."

He has already made one trip to Penn State, and has plans for another in the next month or so.

"I'm going up to Penn State for the Iowa game," Capers said. "I'm going to go up there and see how it is. I went up there earlier. I was up there for the Alabama game. It was a fun experience. It's a nice atmosphere."

West Virginia is offering him for offense, and he is planning to get to at least one game in Morgantown.

"I talk to Coach (Steve) Dunlap every once in awhile," Capers said. "I'm going to go down there; go for a visit, go to a game, see what it's like down there."

Though the three schools are offering him for different sides of the ball, Capers says he's open to playing on either side of the ball. He was hoping to have his decision made by now, but plans on waiting until after the season.

"Yeah, I'm just going to go to play; I just want to play," Capers said on which position he might play. "I was supposed to make my decision around the fifth week, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'll probably wait."

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