Video Rundown: Pitt Postgame

Check here for postgame interviews with Tino Sunseri, Ray Graham, Myles Caragein, Todd Thomas, Chas Alecxih and Ryan Schlieper.

Tino Sunseri, to paraphrase Todd Graham, had "his best game ever." Sunseri completed 22-of-33 passes for 216 yards and a touchdown pass. The passing game may have even been outdone by 35 yards on the ground that Sunseri gained, which included a 9-yard touchdown run.

A lot of the postgame talk centered around his teammates supporting him through a lot of criticism this season. Though Sunseri stays humble a lot of the time, he couldn't help but talk about how much it meant to know his teammates support him the way they do.

"The best part (of the win) was my teammates," Sunseri said. "I went into that locker room every day and those teammates believed in me.

What more needs to be said than 26 carries for 226 yards, 2 rushing scores, 4 receptions for 42 yards. That's over eight yards a carry for Graham--which is impressive, no matter who the opponent is.

Graham was trending on Twitter nation as the game went along. He was trending so much, that LeBron James mentioned him in a tweet. Interestingly, when Chas Alecxih came into the postgame--he even knew that James mentioned Graham in his tweet, and this was moments after the game. Think about it--Alecxih bolts into the locker room, then into the interview room, and without even being prompted comments on Graham being praised by James.

Graham started his postgame talk, mentioning kickoff returns, and how we demanded he be put on the kickoff team. Clearly, with him and Cameron Saddler back deep, they took Graham's advice.

For being thrown into the game to replace senior Lucas Nix on the game's third play, you would have thought Schlieper has been starting for awhile, the way he carried himself in the postgame.

He said some things that were very telling for someone with as much experience as he has. Todd Graham praised him for his play. You are reminded of the bond between a quarterback and an offensive lineman when you hear Schlieper talk about Sunseri.

"It's hard," Schlieper said, when asked about the criticism Sunseri has received. "That's my quarterback. It's hard when someone says that."

Caragein said earlier in the week that the defense had a tall order in hand when stopping USF quarterback B.J. Daniels. Daniels was a non-factor, but what wasn't a non-factor was Pitt's fourth quarter defense.

Not only did the Panthers not allow a fourth quarter letdown, they did not allow any points at all in the second half. Caragein talks about how when Pitt went up 34-17, is when the defense kicked it in to another gear.


Like his fellow defensive lineman Caragein, Alecxih talked about how the defense was aware of their previous fourth quarter letdowns. In the huddle, they constantly reminded each other to keep pushing.

Todd Thomas followed up his performance against Notre Dame with a sack of USF quarterback B.J. Daniels on a fourth down.

Just like he did earlier in the week, Thomas talks about how much the coaches stressed to him to stay disciplined in his constant pursuit of Daniels.

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