Brooker Impressed With Pitt

Myles Brooker is a high school teammate of Pitt commit William Parks. Though he doesn't have any offers yet, his 2011 highlight video is starting to get some good feedback.

College coaches have told Myles Brooker to send them film of the first few games of his senior year. Two of those schools include Pitt and Maryland. After the first four games, Booker—a receiver and cornerback for Germantown (PA)—doesn't have an offer yet. He has seen some interest pick up from a few schools.

In four games, Brooker has four interceptions on defense, four total touchdowns in addition to 20 catches for 400 yards receiving.

"I think I got off to a pretty good start," Brooker said. "As far as recruiting, I met with a couple of the Pitt coaches when I was with Will (Parks) I talked with Maryland last week."

One of the things Brooker heard prior to his senior season, was that he needed to gain weight. He says that he's put on about 15 pounds since the season started, which has also helped. Two weeks ago, Brooker accompanied high school teammate William Parks to the Pitt-Notre Dame game.

"It was a great experience for me," Brooker said. "That was Will's first time up there, going to a football game. Just seeing the whole atmosphere, it was a good feeling. Pitt fans are great."

From a character standpoint, Brooker was impressed with how the players and coaches handled themselves after a loss.

"The players, they lost, but even after the game they wanted to talk," Brooker said. "They showed us a lot of love, when we went to see them in the locker room. We met with a lot of assistant coaches. That was pretty cool."

As for Heinz Field, Brooker liked it. It was the being up close to the actual game that gave him a much different impression from what he expected.

"Heinz Field, it was a good experience," Brooker said. "After watching a game up close like that, I thought the game speed would be much better. I was surprised with that, but it makes we want to get to the next level that much more."

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