Pace Close To New Offers

If you watch a game with Cleveland (OH) Glenville, you'll hardly see Alex Pace come off the field. Based on the number of positions he can play in a given game, it's clear his coaches like his versatility and how he can play multiple positions at a high level.

Alex Pace is quite humble about his play this season for the Glenville Tarblooders. He has lined up at offensive tackle, offensive guard, defensive tackle and even defensive end. One of the greatest matchups this season was between him and Pittsburgh commit Darryl Render—arguably two of the most physical linemen in all of Ohio.

Whether it's against a player of Render's caliber, or because of the way a certain play looks, Pace can be lined up almost anywhere.

"They're just taking advantage of how versatile me and (teammate) Willie Henry can be," Pace said. "I've been playing hard. I'll be at offensive tackle, offensive guard, defensive tackle or defensive end; wherever they need me."

Pace is pushing 20 offers. Glenville is very active getting their prospects out to several camps. Both he and Henry were at the Pittsburgh camp, and picked up offers shortly after the camp. One thing that has benefited both players is the level of competition the Tarblooders go up against—especially the out-of-section games.

"In-state, or out-of-state, any time there's a game, it's a challenge," Pace said. "It gives us a chance to show what we can do against high-level recruits. Camden County (Georgia) had a very good offensive line. The way they played, they had a lot of guys that could move and had change of direction."

Pace says there are new schools that are coming in the mix from all over the place—USF, Maryland and Hawaii just to name a few. A lot of schools have come by to request his transcript. He expects offers from these new schools any day. In the mean time, Pittsburgh is one of the schools heavily after him.

"I've been trying to get to a Pitt game this year, but every time they have game, we have a game too," Pace said. "Pitt, though, that's like a family to me. (Defensive line) coach (Paul) Randolph; he thinks of me as a son. Alex Randolph is what he calls me all the time."

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