Bentley Checks Out Pitt

V'Angelo Bentley reports on his unofficial visit to Pitt. Is there an official visit in the works?

V'Angelo Bentley threw for a touchdown and caught a touchdown in a 52-0 win over Lincoln West on Friday night. He also returned a punt 60 yards for a touchdown, but it was called back due to a hold. Saturday morning, he took a short drive to Pittsburgh to watch the Panthers play Utah.

Despite the Panthers' loss, it didn't deter him from having a good visit.

"It was a great game, a lot of big plays were made, a lot of special teams plays made," Bentley said. "It was good for me to get there to see where everything was, how the program was run and different things like that."

Much like his own punt return for a touchdown that was called back on Friday night, he feels Pitt is in a similar situation—doing the right things, and close to getting the result they want. Instead of the loss scaring him away, he's actually a little more intrigued—comparing himself to where he could help.

"I definitely picked up on things that I see; areas of play that I could help at," Bentley said. "I think I have abilities to do certain things that would help the program. This visit was mostly just to see where things were, that's all; the environment, the fans and all that."

In fact—while he's unsure about what other games he might get to this fall—he has started thinking about an official visit to Pitt.

"I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking the Cincinnati game (on November 5)," Bentley said. "I'll eventually visit more (schools), but I'm not really sure which ones those are. Usually at Glenville, we go in big groups to different games."

Bentley said he had a little interaction with the players and coaches after the game, but also saw a couple of Pitt commits he knows a little bit.

"I don't personally know them, but the (Davis) twins from Fitch," Bentley said. "I know they already committed there, so I was actually talking with those guys."

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