Coates Not Worried About Pitt

Marchez Coates has helped his team to a 5-2 start this season. Though Pitt isn't off to the same start, he's still impressed with the Panthers.

Marchez Coates got up early Saturday, following his team's loss on Friday, and came to Pittsburgh to watch his future team take on Utah.

Obviously Pitt lost, but Coates says he still enjoyed his trip up. If he got anything out of it, it was how impressed he was with how the players handled the loss—particularly Pitt running back Ray Graham.

"(Graham) was asking to see how we're doing," Coates said. "It was cool. He wasn't frustrated, he just said they're going to keep working hard. Some other players had their heads down, but he was the one who stood out to me. He just said, ‘we gotta keep grinding.'"

As for the game, Coates played close attention to how Pitt played, and how he might be able to come in and help.

"I just try to find what they're having problems in, then when I get there, see how I can try to help," Coates said. "If I see they don't have a lot of energy—their mindset is down—then I have to pump everyone up."

Coates—a recent invitee of the Chesapeake Bowl, which will be held in Maryland in late December—brought along teammate David Jones with him.

"David Jones, he is underrated," Coates said of his teammate. "His senior highlight film is crazy. He's got punt returns, kick returns in three straight games. He's the one keeping us in games. He's got offers from Akron and VMI right now, but he should have way more."

Coates also talked a little about his role on defense for McDonough.

"They don't throw the ball my way; they rarely throw my way," Coates said. "This last game, (the opponent) ran ball a lot, so my team moved me to linebacker. Everything was kind of new. I had to come up and take on 250-pounders, but I think I did well. I had a lot of tackles, and we fought a good game."

Coates said his official visit to Pitt will be in January.

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