Allderdice LB Keeps An Eye On Pitt

Bishop Gethers is a 6-1, 216-pound prospect out of Pittsburgh's Allderdice High School. Gethers has been to at least three Pitt games this season.

Bishop Gethers has been to a few Pitt games this season. He was most recently at Pitt's win over UConn last week. Though he wasn't able to stay for the whole game, he got a pretty good idea of where Pitt was going after one half.

"I didn't stay the whole game, but I liked what I had seen for first half, it was pretty cool," Gethers said."

A linebacker with five interceptions on the season—good enough for second the City League among all of its defensive players—he feels he's able to pick something up each time he goes in for a Pitt game.

"I go down there, and every time I go down, I talk to the coaches," Gethers said. "I talk to the coaches. Right now, it's just Pitt that I hear from. They say they're interested in offering, but they're just recruiting me for now. I like their defense, and I like how their linebackers are."

As for the season, Gethers feels he and his team have come along better than expected. With one regular season game left on Thursday, and playoffs starting the following Friday, he also feels where his team needs to improve.

"It's been going pretty good, better than it was expected to go," Gethers said. "I guess me doing what I need to do to help the team win right now, and maybe get some more (interceptions)."

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