Voytik Sees Class Coming Together

Pitt's 2012 class is up to 18 commits. Since Chad Voytik committed to the Panthers in July, another seven players have joined Pitt's class. Others helped recruit Voytik to Pitt, while Voytik is now taking his turn recruiting others.

The way Chad Voytik sees the 2012 Pitt class coming together is that he's got a little bit of everything. He already seems to be good friends with five-star running back Rushel Shell—a player who he will be lined up with in the same backfield. He's talked a lot with the Davis twins; Chris and Demitrious. Most recently, though, Voytik is excited about having a pair of linemen join him in Adam Pankey and Adam Bisnowaty.

All the aforementioned players were part of a large contingent at Pitt's most recent game. Despite the loss, it sounds like the commits are getting to know each other pretty well.

"We were down on the sidelines cracking up, me and Adam (Bisnowaty) are good friends already," Voytik said. "(Adam) Pankey, I got a chance to meet him. Like Coach Graham said, we're going to have character and class represent the program well."

There's a little bit of everything in this class from a position standpoint, still with room to grow. Voytik added that getting a player like Shell makes it easier to get an out-of-state lineman like Pankey, and hopefully others. It also eases when the players meet up for unofficial visits like this past weekend.

"It's really awesome, because Rushel is a great player," Voytik said. "He's setting records left and right. He's a good kid. He's a solid kid. Most importantly, for the team—which makes it so much easier for me—is that he's the kind of player that affects a whole team. Someone like Pankey, who can do what he can, comes here. I know that off the get-go, and now they're both talking.

"These guys are easy to talk to. It wasn't that difficult. They're your teammates now. It comes natural. When we see each other at the game, it makes it easier in a year or in the summer when we get here. When we have those conversations, we definitely have that connection."

Voytik said that he and the current commits aren't done yet. There's still a few players for 2012 in mind, with some early focus on 2013.

"We're talking to Deaysean Rippy," Voytik said. "Adam Breneman, too. We're trying to get these guys on board. We already have all these guys committing—Rushel Shell. These guys are going to be my friends, my teammates forever."

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