Davis Twins Take Official To Pitt

Twin brothers Chris Davis and Demitrious Davis have been to Pitt for nearly every regular season game this fall. There wasn't more they really needed to see, but they did take advantage of having the perk of an official visit.

There was no wavering or even possible change of heart for either Chris or Demitrious Davis. They've been to Pitt enough times that they could probably give a campus tour of their own. Still, they felt obliged to take their official visit to Pittsburgh this past weekend. Demitrious said even though he and his brother have been there enough times, there was still new things they hadn't seen.

"It was just fun just seeing more things, more of downtown and just getting around," Demetrious said. "We had a chance to meet all the players. Cameron Saddler was our host, and (Ray) Graham came out to say hi. It was good. (Saddler) is excited, and he's fun to be around. He's a good host."

Demitrious also said that it's getting to a point in his recruiting process where he can start to focus on his position a little more. He's already starting to think about what he needs to do to be ready to go through his first Pitt practice, even though that is months away.

"We met with Coach Norvell, and he was going over some of the stuff we're going to have to do," Demitrious said. "He talked about some of the drills we'll be doing. We also met with Coach Graham before we left; talked to him."

His brother Chris echoed the same sentiment. Though they both enjoy their visits to Pittsburgh, there comes a certain point where it's just time to get started.

"I just can't wait to get it started," Chris added. "It's going so slow right now, since I've been there so many times. I didn't really see anything different. I can tell it's a lot better place than Ohio, a bigger city."

Still, Chris also enjoyed the visit. His favorite part was meeting with Michael Norvell and Todd Graham.

"The sort of thing I liked the most, was just being around all the coaches," Chris said. "The individual time with Coach Norvell and Coach Graham. When I sign, they can start talking to me about workouts and the playbook. I just can't wait."

The other official visitor with the Davis twins was four-star tight end J.P. Holtz, who is actually being recruited as a Panther linebacker. Chris said he enjoyed getting to know Holtz, and feels the Panthers have a good shot to land the four-star prospect.

"I talked to J.P the whole, entire time because we were always together," Chris said. "I was talking with him, and texting him (Sunday). I think we got him, at least by some of the things he was saying."

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