Blacksburg Nike Camp Top Players By Position

Here is a final rundown of a few players that performed well in Blacksburg at the Nike camp held on the Virginia Tech campus


Jordan Steffy (Conestoga Valley HS, Lancaster PA)
6-1, 195 lbs, 29.1 VJ
It wasn't easy to throw a wet ball but Steffy had a strong camp for the second time this year. Steffy was our No. 3 quarterback at the camp at Penn State behind only Anthony Morelli and Chad Henne, two of the top five signal callers in the country. Steffy is a very good athlete with a live arm. North Carolina and Pittsburgh have now offered to go along with Maryland, Purdue, Indiana and Duke. The Terps lead over Iowa, Indiana and Michigan State.

Brian Savage (The Haverford HS, Haverford PA)
6-2.5, 201 lbs, 23.9 VJ
Very solid mechanically and was consistent all camp. It's actually a toss up between Savage and Steffy as to who had the best day. Like Steffy, Savage attended the Nike Camp at Penn State and looked strong there. Savage is a very steady player who doesn't really do anything to wow you, but doesn't have any flaws and is the kind of quarterback you would feel comfortable with leading your team. Wisconsin has offered and lead over Notre Dame, Michigan State, Syracuse and Maryland.

Daniel Evans (Broughton HS, Raleigh NC)
6-2, 160 lbs, 4.81 40, 9 reps, 26.2 VJ, 4.53 shuttle
Rail thin but has great arm strength and blew us away with how strong his arm was because of how skinny he looked. Threw a consistent spiral all camp long and was right there with Steffy and Savage as the top quarterback of the day. Once he fills out, could be one to watch. Had a huge junior season throwing completing 300-527 passes for 3,543 yards and 44 touchdowns. Wake Forest, Virginia and North Carolina State lead the way.

Others who impressed:
Dustin Grutza, (Mason County HS, Maysville KY) – 6-1.5, 192 lbs, 4.68 40, 17 reps, 30.2 VJ, 4.19 shuttle
Ben Johnson, (A.C. Reynolds HS, Asheville NC) – 6-1, 181 lbs, 4.56 40, 36.3 VJ, 4.07 shuttle
Michael Faulds, (St. Andrews HS Rockwood CAN) – 6-2.5, 200 lbs, 4.90 40, 25 reps, 26.4 VJ, 4.59 shuttle


Evan Taylor (Princess Anne HS, Virginia Beach VA)
5-9, 164 lbs, 17 reps, 31.6 VJ, 4.53 shuttle
Had a very good day and is one of the best looking backs we've seen this year. Has great quickness and explosion and showed why he has been one of the state's best backs since his sophomore year. Taylor has rushed for over 1,000 yards the past two seasons and should put up monster numbers next season. Has a strong body and although not real big, looks durable and won't break down. Virginia Tech, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Maryland.

Tony Baker (Ragsdale HS, Jamestown N.C)- JUNIOR
5-10, 205 lbs, 4.50 40, 25 reps, 33.0 VJ, 4.05 shuttle
One of the most impressive looking players of the camp regardless of position. WAS A Student Sports Sophomore All-American a year ago and has a great combination of size, speed and power. Also had the easily the best hands of the running backs and no one was really excited to go up against Baker in the blocking drills. Next spring, Baker could and should be one of the nation's top prospects.

Marquis Lee (Clifton HS, Centreville VA)
5-8, 162 lbs, 4.49 40, 11 reps, 33.4 VJ, 4.56 shuttle
Small shifty scat back who will need to pick a school that will utilize him out of the backfield or as a 3rd down change of pace back. Has excellent running back instincts, good vision and balance and caught everything thrown at him as well. Favors Maryland, Virginia, Kent State, Boston College, Syracuse, Tennessee and North Carolina State.

Others who impressed:
Derrick Burks, (Pulaski County HS, Dublin Va) –5-11, 205 lbs, 19 reps, 27.9 VJ, 4.79 shuttle- FULLBACK
Brandon Love, (Hillside HS, Durham NC) – 5-8.5, 171 lbs, 4.55, 6 reps, 32.4 VJ, 4.25 shuttle
Jamaal Edwards (Dudley HS, Greensboro N.C) – 5-11.5, 195 lbs, 4.75 40, 16 reps, 30.0 VJ, 4.27 shuttle


Eddie Royal (Westfield HS, Chantilly VA)
5-10, 161 lbs, 4.37 40, 15 reps, 36.1 VJ, 4.33 shuttle
Earned camp MVP honors after testing very well in poor conditions and was in the top three on all the wide receiver coaches cards. Showed great hands and blazing speed scorching just about every defensive back he went up against. Marshall is the only offer for Royal as grade concerns could be scaring away a few schools but talent wise, Royal looks like he could be one of the top 100 players in the country.

Mohamed Massaquoi (Independence HS, Charlotte NC)- JUNIOR
6-2, 179 lbs, 34.1 VJ, 4.24 shuttle
Was a Student Sports Sophomore All-American a year ago and showed why. Somewhat of a long strider but can get off the line and knows how to get separation from his man when the ball is in the air. An advanced route runner who showed good hands and can stop and start on a dime. Even without Chris Leak throwing him the rock next season, Massaquoi should still put up big numbers next season.

Pierre Penn (Heritage HS, Lynchburg VA)
5-10.5, 169 lbs, 4.78 40, 12 reps, 27.6 VJ
Had a very solid camp and is a very polished receiver. An advanced route runner who can change directions effortlessly and has very good hands. Is strong in the air and showed good explosion out of his breaks. Maryland, Boston College, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and North Carolina currently lead the way.

Others who impressed:
Antwan Strong (West Charlotte HS, Charlotte N.C) 5-10, 159 lbs, 4.69 40, 26.8 VJ, 4.47 shuttle
Steven Whithead, (Salmen HS, Slidell LA) – 5-7.5, 170 lbs, 4.47, 14 reps, 33.7 VJ, 4.28 shuttle
Miron Whisonaut (Gaffney HS, Gaffney S.C) 5-10, 174 lbs, 4.56 40, 7 reps, 31.2 VJ, 4.49 shuttle


Alex Hemphill (Burns HS, Lawndale N.C)
6-8.5, 383 lbs, 21 reps, 17.1 VJ
The biggest player at the camp and arguably the top OL of the day. Not only is Hemphill the biggest player we've seen at any of the Nike Camps this year, he very well could be the biggest player we've ever had in five years of doing the camps. Has a nice mean streak to him and is very tough. On several occasions, would take opposing linemen back five yards and then pancake them. Nebraska, Virginia and North Carolina State currently lead the way.

Jonathan Terry (Ragsdale HS, Jamestown N.C)
6-4, 329 lbs, 30 reps, 20.0 VJ
Had a very nice camp and held his own against every linemen in attendance. Is very strong and looks like a prototype guard prospect. Fires out of his stance very well, has good balance and finishes his blocks. Has been well coached and is technically sound. Committed early to Duke and the Blue Demons got a good one in Terry who will likely see his recruitment pick way up after his standout showing.

Isaac Martin (Northside HS, Roanoke VA)
6-2.5, 298 lbs, 20.2 VJ
Didn't test well but definitely turned it on when the action hit the field. Was dominant in the one on one drills and wasn't beaten once all camp. Has a solid frame, moves well in space and is as nasty as they come. Currently favors Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia and Penn State.

Others who impressed:
Robert Oliver, (Southeast Raleigh HS, Raleigh N.C) –6-2.5, 305 lbs, 5.91 40, 20 reps, 24.1 VJ, 5.46 shuttle
John Bradshaw, (Stafford HS, Falmouth VA) – 6-5, 289 lbs, 5.56 40, 27 reps, 22.0 VJ, 5.11 shuttle
Zack Stair, (Osbourn Park HS, Manassas VA) – 6-6.5, 279 lbs, 5.00 40, 16 reps, 23.4 VJ, 4.86 shuttle


A.Q Shipley (Moon HS, Coraopolis PA)
6-1.5, 290 lbs
Might have been the top defensive player we saw at the camp. Is a beast on the field who looks and plays like a college player already. He's quick off the ball, strong as an ox and very technically sound. He's tough, has a great first step and is relentless on the field. Attended the Nike Camp at Penn State a year ago and was dominant at that camp as well. Very coachable and is also the first in line to do the drills. Over 30 schools have offered so far and Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Virginia lead the way.

Chris McDowell (Eastside HS, Taylors S.C)
6-2, 278 lbs, 24 reps, 4.94 shuttle
A big, physical tackle who will make an excellent nose guard or tackle in college. High motor player who just keeps coming. Wants to learn and takes to coaching well. Plays well in space and uses his hands well. Can get get off blocks and is very strong coming up the field. Also an excellent student. Likes USC, Maryland, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Diyral Briggs (Mount Healthy HS, Mount Healthy OH)
6-3, 200 lbs, 4.78 40, 5 reps, 25.1 VJ, 4.58 shuttle
A nice looking edge rusher who has good speed coming around the corner. Has a nice frame and is very athletic looking. Needs to get stronger but has the frame to get bigger and improve his strength. Is regarded as one of the top players in Ohio and had a solid junior season totaling 90 tackle and 12 quarterback sacks. Maryland has offered and Briggs favors Kentucky, North Carolina State, Texas, Ohio State and Maryland.

Others who impressed:
Trey Tonsing, (WestlakeHS, Waldorf MD) –6-2.5, 260 lbs, 5.25 40, 13 reps, 24.7 VJ, 5.09 shuttle
William Walls, (Woodson HS, Washington DC) – 6-3.5, 255 lbs, 5.28 40, 24 reps, 24.3 VJ, 5.10 shuttle
Nathan Bryant, (Liberty HS, Bedford VA) – 6-1.5, 247 lbs, 5.22 40, 19 reps, 27.9 VJ, 4.81 shuttle


Tyrell Sales (Butler HS, Butler PA)
6-3, 231 lbs
A big time player who came in with a big reputation but lived up to it. Didn't test but showed good athleticism in the drills and is very quick to the ball. Has an explosive first step and changes directions very easily. Also looked good in coverage and has all the tools to excel at the next level. Has over 20 scholarship offers and favors Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Michigan and Notre Dame.

Tyler Tipton (Lynchburg Christian HS, Lynchburg VA)
6-1.5, 210 lbs, 21 reps, 31.8 VJ, 4.50 shuttle
Very athletic player who has been productive in high school. Has good size and strength and is a very good athlete. Has quick feet and is more quick than fast although once he gets going, can run well. Could play weak side or strong side in college and had a solid camp. Favors Virginia Tech, Marshall, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Others who impressed:
Chase Rice, (A.C. Reynolds HS, Asheville N.C) – 6-2, 193 lbs, 4.65 40, 15 reps, 37.8 VJ, 3.83 shuttle
Bob Miller, (South HS, Willoughby OH) –5-11.5, 247 lbs, 5.28 40, 19 reps, 4.90 shuttle
Lance Phillips, (Wellston HS, Wellston OH) – 6-1, 248 lbs, 4.61 40, 27 reps, 24.2 VJ, 4.27 shuttle- JUNIOR


Richard Taylor (Centreville HS, Clifton VA)
5-10.5, 186 lbs, 4.43 40, 21 reps, 34.7 VJ, 4.40 shuttle
Outstanding athlete who tested off the charts and has all the physical tools to be a player at the next level. Also sees a lot of time in the backfield at Centreville, but is perfect for cornerback at the college level with his strength and speed. Was physical at the line and showed good technique covering in space. Likes Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Florida, Michigan and Illinois. NC State and Kent State have already offered.

Paul Crews Jr. (Northern Vance HS, Henderson NC)
5-10, 164 lbs, 13 reps, 27.3 VJ, 4.28 shuttle
Very confident cover corner who had a strong day in drills. Slipped a couple times running his forty in the wetness, but showed adequate speed later in coverage. Loves to be out on that island in one-on-one coverage and thrives on competition. Has very quick hips and good instincts. Had 8 INTs as a junior. Likes NC State, Virginia, Miami, Florida State and North Carolina.

Others who impressed:
Trimaine Goddard (Roanoke HS, Robersonville NC) – 5-10, 171 lbs, 4 reps, 31.6 VJ, 4.12 shuttle
Martel Thatch (Dudley HS, Greensboro NC) – 6-2, 177 lbs, 4.56 40, 14 reps, 29.9 VJ
Donell Ellerbe (Richmond HS, Rockingham NC) – 6-0.5, 181 lbs, 4.66 40, 37.9 VJ, 3.95 shuttle
Nick Patterson (Hazelwood Central HS, St. Louis MO) – 6-1, 200 7 reps, 29.4 VJ, 4.38 shuttle

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