Three highly touted players from Bishop McDevitt

Jaimie Thomas, Quincy Rain, and Cedric Bowling are three highly rated recruits that have colleges beating a path to Harrisburg, PA. I had a chance to talk with their coach, Jeff Weachter, about these three outstanding prospects.

Q: I had the chance to see Quincy Rain at the Nike Camp at State College. He moved really well for an athlete his size. Just how big is he and what are his strengths on the football field?
Weachter: He is 6-5 and is down to 287 now, which is good for him. He played at about 310 last season. He sprained a knee, which forced him to miss 4 games as a junior and his weight got up a little because of the injury. His strengths are his size, how well he moves for an athlete his size, plus he is just a tough kid who likes to mix it up. He runs a 5.0 40-yard dash.

Q: How many years has he started for you?
Weachter: He started on and off as a freshman at defensive tackle. He played defensive tackle as a sophomore and a junior. He was first team all-conference as a junior. This season he will play both offense and defense.

Q: What can he bench press and squat?
Weachter: He can bench 330 pounds and can squat 480 pounds.

Q: Does he have plans to go to any summer camps?
Weachter: He is going to Pitt's camp and also West Virginia's. WVU said they will offer if he goes down to their camp. At this point his only offer is from Temple but several schools are close to offering.

Q: You have two other athletes receiving a lot of attention also. Tell me about them.
Weachter: Jaimie Thomas is a 6-5, 320 pound offensive tackle who is receiving a lot of interest. He can run a 5.0 40-yard dash. He can bench press 340 pounds and squat 500 pounds. He has excellent size, can move really well, and is just a great athlete. He also plays varsity basketball. He already has offers from Maryland, North Carolina, Temple, Duke, and Northwestern. Michigan, Tennessee, Penn State, and North Carolina State are close to offering also.

Cedric Bowling is a 6-2, 245 pound athlete who plays fullback, defensive end, and linebacker. He also runs a 4.57 40-yard dash. He has excellent athletic ability, strength, and very good hands. He bench presses 425 pounds and squats 600 pounds. Maryland, Boston College, and Virginia Tech, among others, are very interested. wishes the best of luck to Bishop McDevitt High School in the upcoming football season.

Brian Gold

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