Jordan Steffy, next in line ?

Looking for an athletic quarterback that also has a good arm? If so, then Jordan Steffy from Lancaster (PA) is the man for the job. Click here to read about what makes this special athlete tick.

Jordan Steffy, who passed for over 2100 yards with 21 touchdowns, could be one of the top athletic quarterbacks in the country. What sets him apart from the typical quarterback?

"I think what sets me apart is my knowledge of the game," the 6-foot-2 and 210 pounder with 4.5 40 speed said. "A lot of the credit has to go to my coach. We watch a lot of film together. I think another thing that sets me apart is my running ability. I think that I'm a double threat on the field."

The Conestoga Valley high school quarterback compares himself to Michael Vick. After his outstanding Nike camp performances in State College and Blacksburg, I can understand why he compares himself to the former Virginia Tech star.

"At the Penn State Nike camp I ran a 4.47 40 and I was told I had the second strongest arm just behind Morelli," he said. "At the Virginia Tech Nike camp I ranked number one for quarterbacks."

Last year, as a junior, Steffy displayed his outstanding mobility by rushing for over 400 yards and 12 touchdowns.

This summer, Steffy has a busy schedule planned. He plans on visiting 17 schools unofficially. Pittsburgh and Penn State are two of those schools that aren't included.

"I checked out Penn State while I was at the Nike camp and I have already seen Pittsburgh several times," he said.

Right now, Steffy has a top six of Maryland, Virginia Tech, Iowa, UCLA, Indiana and Michigan.

Pittsburgh does rank in his top 10 and the Panthers could move up his list in the future.

"Coach Freeman (Pitt coach) has offered me as a receiver but not as a quarterback," Steffy said. "He told me that Morelli is the only quarterback they are recruiting right now. He also told me that if Morelli went elsewhere that I would be next in line at quarterback."

Steffy told the Pitt Insider that if Pittsburgh offered him the quarterback position that he would list the Panthers near the top of his list.

Dave Peters

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