Video: Pitt Previews BBVA Compass Bowl

Pitt interim head coach Keith Patterson, offensive lineman Ryan Turnley, and safeties Andrew Taglianetti and Jarred Holley address the media prior to kickoff tomorrow.

As for Lucas Nix, Keith Patterson quickly addresses that issue. In fact, shortly after the conclusion of Friday's advance press conference, Patterson issued an additional statement in support of Nix:

"Last night I became aware of three summary charges filed against Lucas Nix for an incident that took place during the break. Yesterday was the first time Lucas was informed of these charges as well. He was not arrested but received these charges by mail. These are situations we take very seriously and we wanted to make sure we had the facts necessary to make the right decision on the matter. Based on the information we received, including a discussion with Lucas, we have decided he will play in his final college football game tomorrow against SMU. I am both comfortable and confident in this decision based on the information we've carefully gathered during the past 24 hours."

For the most part, Friday's press conference was a little about how the remaining assistant coaches have kept the pieces in place, and how the players have responded to them--whether there's a trust issue or not--and what the mutual level of respect is after everything that's happened.

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