Geter Reports On Offical Visit

Marzett Geter has his focus on Pitt's academics this past weekend. Geter also gets a pleasant surprise in meeting his future position coach.

Marzett Geter was one of Pitt's first 2012 verbal commitments, and after this past weekend's official visit, that verbal commitment appears to be intact.

"Yeah, I had a wonderful time there," Geter said. "My cousin Drew Carswell was my host. He showed me around; showed me where to study. There were some good tours around campus. I had a lot of fun."

One of the highlights, according to Geter, was meeting his position coach Matt House—who was just hired Thursday. House was a defensive quality control assistant with the St. Louis Rams. Geter said his NFL coaching experience was pretty evident.

"It was fun, I got to meet my DB coach for the first time," Geter admitted. "He seemed like he was pretty cool. I thought it was awesome he was in the NFL. He told me that, and I like how they brought in a guy who knows what he's talking about. He'll show you the right technique."

Geter said the recruits went out to dinner Saturday night, but his main focus on Saturday was the academics.

"The funny thing, was one of the academics people asked me what I wanted to major in," Geter said. "I told him I wanted to major in criminal justice. He told me that he taught over there, and that I can come be in his class; he can get me into his class and get me an internship. I liked that a lot."

Of the players, Geter said he had a chance to meet Pitt freshman Brandon Ifill. He said he also spent the most time with William Parks and Devon Porchia. He said that he got to spend some time with the newly committed Mike Caprara as well.

"He chose Pitt, but he didn't need us pushing him," Geter said. "I talked to him three times, but it wasn't about Pitt. I guess he just felt at home.

"I got to meet a lot of people. It was a real, fun experience for me."

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