Video: Jamie Dixon

It could have been a battle between two teams vying for conference positioning, looking ahead to the postseason. Instead, it's a battle between two Big East teams in a slide. It also marks the final meeting between these two rivals for the forseeable future

Jamie Dixon spent much of his time--his traditional meeeting with the media two days before the next game. Instead of talking about West Virginia the game, Dixon spent most of his time answering questions about what's going to happen with this rivalry.

"A lot of things going on," Dixon said. "We'll see where it goes from there. We'll see what happens where we end up."

Pitt and West Virginia have met every year since 1917. The two remained rivals despite playing in different conferences for awhile. The rivlary picked up even more when West Virginia joined the conference for the 1995-96 school yeaa as a basketball member.

"It's been a great experience for us," Dixon said. "I'm not the guy who makes all the decisions."

Dixon also feels the biggest obstacle with everything as it stands, is finding another home football game/

"I think football (schedule) is done well in advance, and ours is done--not as well in advance of football," Dixon added. "Sometimes there's things you can control, and sometimes there's things you can't control. I think the biggest issue for us right now is a football (home) game. That's the thing we're going to be focused on as a university.

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