Growing weary of the recruiting process

Penn Hills quarterback Anthony Morelli is arguably the top high school quarterback in the country. The 6-4 and 210 pounder - who probably has the strongest arm in the country -will head out West in July to the EA Sports Elite 11 to prove to the world that he's top gun. In addition to the Elite 11, Morelli will be busy over summer trying to decide where he'll play his college football for the next four - five years. PittInsiders caught up with his father, Gary Morelli to get the latest scoop.

"Anthony wants to make a decision soon," Gary Morelli said. "I think what we are going to do is visit Notre Dame and Florida State first and then he'll decide. He'll probably decide around August first at his school."

The elder Morelli explained that his son has grown weary of the recruiting process and he would like to get his decision over with soon.

"I told him that he should visit Florida State and Notre Dame first before he decides," he said.

So who has the inside track on the Pittsburgh native?

"Anthony likes Florida State and so do I," he said. "I think they are about ready to get a commitment from Weatherford. Florida State told us that they are going to take two quarterbacks and Pittsburgh is only recruiting him."

When asked about the fact that Florida State had plans to take two quarterbacks, Morelli didn't know if it was going to make a difference or not.

The last time we talked with Anthony, he indicated that Florida State wasn't recruiting him as hard as the other programs. Did that change?

"Jeff Bowden and Coach Dickey are sending him three handwritten letters a day," he said. "We are hearing that Florida State wants Anthony real bad. I heard they think he belongs down in Florida with all the other great athletes."

The hometown Panthers seemed to drop off the Morelli radar a bit. But, that has changed. In fact, the Panthers might be the team to beat.

"Last week Anthony talked with Coach Harris for over an hour and half," Gary Morelli said "He has a very good relationship with him. I think it's more important to have a relationship with the head coach than the assistants, because assistants come and go. It's a bonus to have Coach Harris as his quarterback coach also."

In this writer's opinion, it will most likely come down to Pitt or Florida State. Morelli isn't afraid of competition but he likes the idea of being the only quarterback signed. The family is very interested in Florida State. However, Gary and Anthony Morelli are very close and that could work in Pitt's favor.

Dave Peters

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