Andrew Johnson will make a decision soon

Andrew Johnson, The eighth ranked running back in the country, has had a busy summer attending football camps. The 6-foot-0 and 205-pounder with 4.41 40 speed recently attended the Ohio State and Pittsburgh football camps. In about three weeks, he will end the recruiting process and be either a Buckeye or a Panther.

"I had fun at both camps," Johnson, whose 1,690 yards and 25 touchdowns earned All-State honors, said. "I got to run into a lot of top 100 players and interact with those guys and learn about what they feel about some colleges. Going to these camps have helped me pick the school I want to go to. I liked both camps equally. They have the same caliber players at both camps. I learned about the same at both camps."

Andrew Johnson at one time had UCLA high on his list but now, the North Hills running back has narrowed it down to Pittsburgh and Ohio State. asked him if the ACC conference expansion was going to affect his decision one way or another.

It's not going to affect my decision at all," he said.

On July 22nd, Johnson is going to let the world know where he will spend the next four to five years of his life by announcing his decision at a press conference.

What will be the biggest factor in his decision?

It's going to come down to where I feel the most comfortable," Johnson said. "Everything else is equal so it will come down to comfort."

Johnson and Anthony Morelli, The number one rated quarterback in the country, are close friends. In the past, they have talked about attending the same school in college. Will that still happen?

"It's a possibility it could happen," he said. "I wish it was more definite than it is. I guess he's exploring his choices."

Dave Peters

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