Steven Adams Q&A

Steven Adams finished with six points and 18 rebounds in his first game in the Pittsburgh Basketball Pro-Am league. Afterwards, he shared a few thoughts on what it's like being in Pittsburgh

What did you like about your first game in the Pro-Am league?
"They just said it was fun. I was expecting a scrimmage with not this much of an audience."

Is it what you expected coming in?
"It was good. There's a lot of people, it's good to be with the team."

What is your goal for the summer?
"Just to make sure that I get all the basics, do everything that Jamie (Dixon) wants me to do, get all the technical aspects so I can contribute to the team."

What is your favorite part of being at Pitt so far?
"The weight room. Wow! (Pitt strength coach) Tim Beltz, he's amazing."

Do you have a favorite part of the Pitt campus yet?
"I go to Fuel & Fuddle all the time. That's really nice."

What are you looking forward to most for the summer or offseason?
"I'm just looking forward to the experience. I'm looking forward to going up against the guys my size, and all the talent."

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